Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler: Arrested for Public Intoxication, DUI

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In what can be deemed as an incident any celebrity gossip follower could have easily seen coming, Christina Aguilera was arrested early this morning for public intoxication.

According to TMZ, the singer was booked around 3 a.m. at the West Hollywood police station for the misdemeanor offense, while boyfriend Matt Rutler was also processed on charges of drunk driving. His bail was set at $30,000.

Matt Rutler and Christina Aguilera

It's been a troubling few months for Aguilera, as friends have been concerned over her downward spiral since her divorce from Jordan Bratman.

Aside from her memorably embarrassing national anthem mishap at the Super Bowl, Christina has most recently been accused of having sex with Rutler during a family gathering.

Cops reportedly pulled Rutler over this morning after they noticed him driving erratically. Sources say Aguilera acted "extremely intoxicated" and was "unable to take care of herself."

UPDATE: Says Sgt. Michael Thomas of West Hollywood Sheriff's Department: "Aguilera was taken into custody "for her own safety. It's kind of a welfare 'arrest.' Not a criminal arrest. She was intoxicated - too much to be in public. No one was available to take care of her, because the person she was with was arrested for drunk driving. When it's determined she's sober, she'll be released."


Why does she make her face soo white? she's not having a meltdown she's just dumb she made a choice to date this guy and give up her marriage and these are the results.Christina needs to dump Matt and take care of her child and her career her career is getting messed up with all these stupid things she's been doing.Christina seemed happy with Jordan and now she's telling the world that she's a loser to be with this type of guy.


That's nice... Isn't she responsible for a child?? Let's just go out and get so sloppy drunk that you can't even stand up straight... Nice...


She was skanky in the beginning of her career and "cleaned up" after she met her soon to be ex. Now she's free of him so she's going out partying. She would rather be a wh*** than a mother and wife. Her ex needs to take him away from her till she grows up. When are the publicists going to stop coddling these


To Blaize: You keep on saying this isn't her usual behavior but when will you consider that maybe this is who she is the whole time but with all the personal stuff going on, she just can't hide her drinking any more?? Just saying...
I know people make mistakes, especially when times get hard. But it's the way people handle the rough times that make them stronger in the end.
I was never a die hard fan of hers but doesn't mean I wish her the worst. Actions do speak louder than words so only time will tell what she is really made of.


Whitney Houston 2.0 Yes, I said it. The magic crystal ball reads that in a year or two she will be on crack and married to Chris Brown. PS - These over manufactured Disney robots ruined the music industry so I'm kind of glad to see spiral out of control.


Does anyone besides me think this guy is major bad news? He's probably just using her for her money. I hate to say that but he's a homewreckor. She always seemed so happy with jordan!?!


If this is true, I'm willing to overlook it anyway because this isn't her USUAL behavior. This is the first year wear she's had this kind of problem and she's been famous for 13 years. She's new to being a single mom, she's going through a messy divorce, and she's had to deal with her ex husband and his friends spreading nasty rumors about her. Everybody makes mistakes.


TO BEER OR NOT TO BEER, HAHAHA!!! I told you all!!! In my last comment, She's nothing more than a spoiled, horny, drunk!, of-course she will find a way to turn around and blame her ex for the amount of alcohol she and her drunk new man absorbed; I don't know maybe it's just me, but I don't recall her ever being arrested for being drunk like a common thug while she was with Bratman


Wow sounds like another Britney Spears meltdown is on its way. Why wait to have kids THEN do stupid stuff? Just sayin.....


ummm hahaha if people would look a little closer this was taken over a month ago lol wow BS!!!

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