Chris Brown Still on For Dancing With the Stars

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ABC appears willing to forgive and forget when it comes to Chris Brown.

Despite Brown's meltdown on Good Morning America this week, the network said it will not be filing a criminal complaint against the singer, who is still set to perform on the popular Dancing With the Stars next Tuesday night.

Both are huge breaks for a guy whose career needs all he can get.

Should DWTS pull the plug on this dude?

Although he kept it together on-air, Brown stormed off the GMA set after anchor Robin Roberts asked him questions about his 2009 assault against Rihanna.

Despite okaying this beforehand, he then reportedly retreated to his dressing room where he broke a window with a chair, tore his shirt off and peaced out.

While he escaped without any legal or direct career ramifications, some fans and rival network execs are not happy with ABC's decision to let him do DWTS.

"This sort of behavior is not acceptable from anyone no matter how talented or famous they might be," a well-placed network executive told PopEater.

"Dancing With the Stars is one of the biggest shows on TV, and if they allow him to promote his music on it, he should definitely be asked to apologize."

Some fans are even contacting ABC directly via email to thwart his performance, but for now, it looks like he'll perform on the results show as planned.

Whether he does or not, this can't be the press Chris hoped for when his new album, F.A.M.E., dropped this week. Guy really needs to pull it together.

As we said earlier, if Chris really wants to turn things around, he should look no further for inspiration than another fallen, recovering star: Michael Vick.


and does he even apologize?? nope.. goes on twitter talking more sh*t... lemme guess its all justified right? yup this is the same guy who 24hrs after beating the sh*t out of rihanna wasw jetskiing shirtless flexing his muscles and showing of his tats... when will u people learn?? dont act all surprised when he does something really serious in the future... u do realize the falling glass couldve killed someone right? u do realize that its not normal to rain glass (and potentially a chair) down into times square in the middle of morning rushour without giving a f*ch what happens to anybody below right??


provoked into throwing a chair into a glass wall on 43rd and broadway sending shards of broken glass tumbling down onto thousands of people in times square with know regard for what might have happened just because someone asked him about something HE DID... riiiiiggght... provoked into beating rihanna into a bloody mess... riiiiiigghht... if u want to help him-- rather than being a blind stan, admit the guy has a problem hes such a punk.. i wish he would pul this bs on a man... but we already know he wont...


Give me a break - isn't his interview with GMA a second chance for this violent thug? Yes, he will be asked about it. How about a respectful answer like, "yes, I hurt my girlfrient but I will work on my anger issues for the rest of my life". No too arrogant. I for one will not watch DWTS the night he is on or I too am part of the problem. I won't be watching 2-1/2 men either if they bring Charlie Sheen back. So no double standard here


Why do we continue to give entertainers, because that's all they really, a pass on their rough and rowdy behaviour. Why isn't he in jail for smacking Rihanna around. If it was me, I would be in jail. He's a thug, or at least a wanna-be, so lock him up. Once they start hitting, they will keep hitting.


Neci the comment before yours it seems like the kkk has started. With p. Hammond Chris is human and sing is his job what happened two years ago should be left in the past Chris should apolgies and be able to go on with his career chris you are a great talent you have great talent it will get you through.


ohkay first of all the lady that was interviewing him wouldnt shut up about it even tho he WAS there for his album.. she keep it going yuh could tell he wasnt happy wen she started talking about it chris has every right to b madd but still he shouldnt of done that but things happen he didnt hurt anybodyy. at all if i was chri's girlfriend i peobly would cursed her out. but thats just me


OMG Let it go. Yes he has anger problem....when he is provoked. Plus it's dancing show all he is doing is dancing and singing. Yes there is a double standard for him over Charlie Sheen....


I truely think they should have DROPED it! I mean he is trying his best to do better and people just wont let things go and see the right things he's doing! All I can say if he ever reads this . . . Keep your HEAD UP CHRIS & no matter what do the best you can do because this bull will never stop! And show these type of people WRONG! Love You !


I don't particularly care for chris brown but it seems that charlie sheen is looked up to where as browjn has a higher standard.


Why, why, why is a person with his obvious violent behavioral problem allowed to be on DWTS or any other problem until he can get himself together and appear worthy to be entertaining a nationwide audience? It seems as though our networks keep patting all violators of one kind or another on the back and saying "It's okay" every time it happens. PULEEZE!

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