Chris Brown Still on For Dancing With the Stars

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ABC appears willing to forgive and forget when it comes to Chris Brown.

Despite Brown's meltdown on Good Morning America this week, the network said it will not be filing a criminal complaint against the singer, who is still set to perform on the popular Dancing With the Stars next Tuesday night.

Both are huge breaks for a guy whose career needs all he can get.

Should DWTS pull the plug on this dude?

Although he kept it together on-air, Brown stormed off the GMA set after anchor Robin Roberts asked him questions about his 2009 assault against Rihanna.

Despite okaying this beforehand, he then reportedly retreated to his dressing room where he broke a window with a chair, tore his shirt off and peaced out.

While he escaped without any legal or direct career ramifications, some fans and rival network execs are not happy with ABC's decision to let him do DWTS.

"This sort of behavior is not acceptable from anyone no matter how talented or famous they might be," a well-placed network executive told PopEater.

"Dancing With the Stars is one of the biggest shows on TV, and if they allow him to promote his music on it, he should definitely be asked to apologize."

Some fans are even contacting ABC directly via email to thwart his performance, but for now, it looks like he'll perform on the results show as planned.

Whether he does or not, this can't be the press Chris hoped for when his new album, F.A.M.E., dropped this week. Guy really needs to pull it together.

As we said earlier, if Chris really wants to turn things around, he should look no further for inspiration than another fallen, recovering star: Michael Vick.


To all the haters on Chris Brown pls get your shit together. It makes no sense that y'all are still stressing over a mistake that he made two years ago! Too many celebraties have done things way worse than CB but yet y'all look over it! Get a life and stop picking at him cause he is not coming out his character again cursing out the media like Mr. Sheen! Get a life and leave the man alone!!!!! And Wendy Williams you need to be ashamed of your manly looking self smh.


Well the way how igorant most of u all comment is, give me the honor to watch dancing with the stars next monday. So i will be one of the supporter for chris brown performs on abc. Now im very disappointed of what Wendy William said about chris brown on her morning show. Is that the way how an adult confront a young person? Wendy that wasnt call for at all, was u there Wendy, did you see chris go in rage? Oh you just going by the photos. If i was chris, when i see Wendy, i will give her a great big huge and say godd bless you so that will kill her with kindness. So chris please do not be a hot head, be a smart young man and learn not do interviews with nobody no more. When you see a hater on the street, tell them whats up and god is able with blessing.


ABC and Brown: bite me. Not going to watch. If I want to see people make fools of themselves I'll watch so-called "reality tv".


Fuck this loser. He sucks, he shouldn't be allowed on tv at all. Maybe he should get a real fucking job and leave rapping to guys who can. Ban this prick!


People get a grip. This does not affect you as much as you are reactiong. If you do no like him or want to buy his album that is a personal choice but to get so bent out of shape. Something is really wrong with people today. As the bible said first take the rafter out of your own eye before you can take the rafter out of someone else eye. GET A LIFE!!!!! GET A GRIP!!!


at least he didnt hurt anyone so i guess those domestic violence and anger managment are paying off!
this is just like britany spears
LEAVE CHRIS ALONE! AND GO BUY THAT ALBUM F.A.M.E i got it its really good


i agree with taylor
he did apologize so we should get over the past and let him grow up


EXCUSE YOU people!
He said he felt like they were using him and he got emotional
so he waited till the end of the show to let off some steam.
chris brown: "i didnt intend to hurt anyone i just neededn to let off some steam,im sorry to gma and all the fans! i love yall" so shut up!


Give it a rest, Rihanna forgave, the courts released him and he has apoligize over and over, he came to promote his album and move on with his life. He is young and immature and need guidance not people picking at him for ratings


NO to Chris Brown on DWTS

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