Chris Brown, Rihanna to Reunite For Joint Interview With Robin Roberts?!

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When Chris Brown loses his mind and explodes on Good Morning America ... welcome him back to talk about it?

ABC was quite forgiving after the singer's tirade this week, keeping his Dancing With the Stars visit on the docket and even inviting him back to GMA.

R and B Star

The reason isn't that they want it to go away, reports a source. They want to "milk this event for everything its worth" news standards be damned.

In the wake of his Good Morning America trip, during which Robin Roberts' questions about Rihanna set him off, ABC wonders if there's more potential here.

There have even been internal discussions about "orchestrating Chris Brown talking to Rihanna for the first time." This is considered "a top get at the network."

Guess that's not a huge shock, as all things Brown have electrified the media so much. As for who the interviewer would be if this came to fruition? Easy call!

"It would be Robin [Roberts]," the insider said matter-of-factly.

She's been on a roll lately, with Tiger Woods, Billy Ray and Chris all stopping by for memorable interviews (memorable in very different ways, but still).

"It's all about the ratings," replied my ABC source. "At all other costs."

As for whether the stars themselves would go for this stunt, neither has commented. Chris doesn't even have a rep TO comment for him at the moment!

But seriously. It's hard to see him rushing back to ABC. Chris felt so exploited that he SMASHED A WINDOW WITH A CHAIR in a fit of rage, after all.

And from Rihanna's perspective, what just happened must hit close to home. Both seeing Chris sweaty and shirtless and what he did to that window. Jeepers.


That was a very deceiptful shot that put out for a so call chat,Chris Brown need to do the most important interview with BET and let let all the other networks watch him from BET exculsive,forget the publicist and do a real tell the truth and a cd explaining his first love how it happen step by step and real and he would be fully understand of why things went wrong.


@Reb R chris brown has no anger problems if you were him wat would you have done uuuummmmm!thats right you would have done the same if people kept bringing up things that happend 2 years ago reporters need to grow up and realise that we are in 2011 now


I'm sure Chris isn't dumb enough to go for this again. All they're gonna' do is come up with something else to try an set him off. Chris needs to just show up and sing and refuse any and all interviews from now on because you know they're gonna' bring that up trying to get a rise out of him.


The hipocracy of someone who goes by the name of "Free Britany", to close out this story with the word "Jeepers". Amerikka, love it or leave it. lol


i love it u both


Btw I agree with Preciosa.


Here they go STARTING STUFF !!!!!! I hate reporters especially them ugly ass known reporters like this one.


If Rihanna takes him back after his recent tirade, she deserves whatever he throws at her - including punches, because women are crazy to hook up with men with anger problems, and vice versa.


@kisa kisa::i agree with u and i just hope that he moving forward


Yes, what C.B. did to Rihanna was absolutely wrong. I say, the guy has apologized a million times already. The court ruled. I hope that he learned his lesson and I hope that he keeps finding himself and be true to himself so that he can be more selective with his girlfriends. For any interviewer to make that incident the theme of the interview is just "punk". He is a young man, give him a chance to do good and right. Moving forward...

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