Chris Brown Performs on Dancing With the Stars: Watch Now!

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Over the objections of Tom Bergeron, Cheryl Burke and a host of others, Chris Brown performed on Dancing With the Stars' first results show of the season Tuesday.

Brown actually performed twice - first his new hit "Yeah 3x," then an encore medley of "Forever" and "Beautiful People" - bringing the house down both times.

If there were boos, they weren't audible over the cheers for a guy who put his all into each routine and looked very, very happy to be there. Here's his first effort:

After Brown's now-infamous Good Morning America meltdown, many were shocked (and more than a few upset) that ABC would let him keep this DWTS gig.

Whatever the reason for not pulling the plug, Brown was clearly grateful, and repaid them with a terrific live performance, as you can see above and below.

His fans surely loved this spirited live effort. His detractors will continue to lament that he appeared on DWTS at all and loathe his existence in general.

All we can do is hope that he's turned the page. Follow this link to see who was eliminated last night, then watch Chris' second performance after the jump:


Out there somewhere this morning, this self absorbed, self described grown @ass man is patting himself on the back for being able to show off on prime time TV last night. With his notoriety being
thrown into the faces of millions last night,Little Ike Turner can bask in the glow of a few days of trying to pretend to have a little bit of class by staying put, and lying low until the clock strikes for his next apologetic tirade. Look out!!


Can you imagine being a female fan of Cris Brown and have him bash your face. In? Would you ask him for an Autograph?


Bravo April and Marvin, I hope you FF through Rhianna's too, because she is just as sick for hitting him and more than once. What woman knows she pushed a guy to his breaking point and not only ruins his career, but uses it to boost her own! She should have been arrested too! I totally support Chris and like him even more for moving on and up! She is nothing in my eyes. Nothing! Go Chris! I am going to go buy your new album in support of you and to let Rhianna know there are those of us out there that did not look past her part in it!!


This young man has been through alot just as anyonelse. If you guys forgive Charlie Sheen then you should give Chris another chance. He's young and still paving his way. No one is perfect. The point is: we have all done something we are not.proud of. Did'nt someone give you a chance to prove your better?


You know he did it, and he admits that he abused her. That does not make me want to hate him nor does it make me want to just eliminate him all together.. There have been many men and women who have been in this situation but for some reason this one will not die down. He was the man in the situation and should have walked away and he did not, yes, that was bad on his part, but that also makes Rhianna an abuser also, cause she hit him several times. I say we give the man another chance, yes it is hard on a lot of victims that have been through this, I am not asking them to forget about it, I am saying lets just give him another chance. There are some people in the world that Deserves it and I am sure God has given him another chance also!!! April


Thank heavens for TiVo. I was able to FF through this sicko's performance.

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