Chris Brown on Nude Pic Scandal: Disappointing!

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Chris Brown's new album, F.A.M.E. (forgiving all my enemies), drops this week. But that's not the only recent release from Brown that has people buzzing.

Then there's the much talked about nude photo leak, in which Chris takes a full-frontal, buck-a$$ naked cellphone pic in the mirror for unknown reasons.

Chris says this was NOT a publicity stunt to hype his new album, though. In fact, he's "disappointed" by the leak because ... people will say it's a stunt.

Brown, Bald and Blonde

While out promoting the new album, Chris went on KPWR's "Big Boy’s Neighborhood" morning show and addressed the nude pic situation with candor.

"I didn't want to put pictures out; that's not my intention," he said. "A lot of people were saying, 'Yo, he leaked the pictures, he was trying to get PR.'"

"For me, I was always a singer. So unless I'm planning to do porn, I don't think I'd want to leak my wang to the world before my album comes out."

Fair point.

"It was disappointing to me that it was out," he added. "Because I was like, 'Man, now it's gonna (look like) a gimmick. And I don't want a gimmick."

As for how the photo even got out - and who it was for?

“It was an out the shower shot. It was like ‘hey what’s up' or 'look at me right now'" the singer continued. "I was alone but I wasn’t even excited.”

“I was just playing a video game and I was looking at Twitter. It's ... whatever man. I'm comfortable with my body, I don't care about all of that."

Well, that about sums up the latest in a bizarre series of evens surrounding Breezy. You just wonder what the next day will bring at this point.

Given what Chris has done, and been through, some people will assume the worst. All he can do is be honest and try to set a good example.

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hey y'all just leave him alone!!


Leave that damn boy alone, shit some of u all act like u havent never sent naked photos to a jump off b4. If chris wanted to do that, he would of been sent them damn photos out there a long time ago. Chris is not the only celebs that had nude photos out there. So he will not be the last, he still is a great artist of music.


All ya'll shut up and leave him alone. If he wants to show his "wang" let him cuz I'm pretty sure ya'll perverted tail guys done did it once or many times before and sent it to someone. So before ya'll try to point the finger at him, remember there's 3 more pointing back at you. Get a life and give him a break. And I bet Sara study that pic like she was reading a book. Giiirrrrlllll get a life.! Smdh


CB has become a desperate publicity hound. When you have to start showing off "your shortcomings" you are now at the bottom of the heap. It has got to be a mind blowing experience spending your days and nights thinking about what you think others might be thinking about you. Now that is a truly a "sorry situation!!"


nobody wants to see a women beater body he needs help


Chris Brown leaked this on purpose, or at least sent it out to someone KNOWING it would get leaked. He's trying to pull a Ray J, but - NOTE TO CHRIS BROWN - a picture is NOT a video. And the picture ain't all that anyway.


Please chris do not leak your wang

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