Chris Brown Clarifies Rihanna "Mishap" Remark

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Chris Brown raised eyebrows - shocker there, we know - with a recent interview in which he said he was done apologizing for attacking Rihanna.

While the point was that he can't just keep saying sorry every minute of every day for life, it was the word "mishap" that the media seized upon.

He put himself in this position with his own actions, but this was somewhat unfair to Brown, who was trying to make a broader point about fame.

Brown at the Beach

In the full interview, it's clear that Chris Brown was trying to express the frustrations and pitfalls of fame in the context of his new album F.A.M.E.

The album title stands for Forgiving All My Enemies and also Fans Are My Everything. The "mishap" he was referring to was no specific event.

Of people who turned their backs on him, or on any person after a negative event in their life, Brown actually sympathized, saying the following:

“You can’t blame people for how they want to be portrayed or if they don’t want to be associated with somebody who had a particular mishap.”

Rather than his beating of Rihanna, Brown was talking in general about how people protect their reputations even at the cost of losing friends.

While you can see why Chris doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, in this case it seems clear that he wasn't trying to downplay what he did.

It seems like daily, there's some rumor, some leaked Chris Brown nude pic or some comment he makes that people fly off the handle over.

We've been critical of Brown in the past, to be sure, but at some point, the guy deserves SOME break in terms of such vitriolic responses.

At least in terms of interpreting his comments, we can all do a little better as far as not twisting them to assume the most negative view.


well let me say it this way: there are many men his age beating there girlfriesnds & wives that go unnoticed so chris is a perfect example to shed some light on this situation. it should never ever be forgotten that he beat his girlfriend & he should forever be labeled as an abuser just like a child molestor has to remain labeled... but that doesnt mean it should be brought up at every opportunity. he will forever live with what he did no matter what he does now. the best thing for everyone would be to stop pointlessly talking about what he did & what a horrible person he is & instead concentrate on preventing this from happening again. it wasnt fair that chris brown didnt go to jail for what he did but he will now forever be labeled as an abuser.
please take notice that i am not a chris brown fan & my best friend was abused & threatened until her abuser recently took his own life. i think its time we all moved on now!


@King Makers You are the perfect example of what I'm talking about. 'Fights with their girlfriend'? 'Falls out with their girlfriend'? This with neither a fight or a fall out. It was a beating, you simpleton. There is not one mature comment on this page. What I see is a bunch of teenagers over looking the beating of a woman because he's famous. Because they're fans. Btw, what was his punishment? Who can beat a woman that badly and not serve a day in prison? Like I said, let Chris Brown beat your daughter, mother, sister like that and then let me see if you'll post on blogs defending him.


Please find a gun, and shoot him then, since apology, punishment & public humiliation isn't suitable for anyone that fights with his girlfriend. No one is here to start an argument its really not necessary, the boy is already back at the top where he belongs cos the people that matters have forgiven him. Check the dictionary for the difference btw the word "beat" and "beat(s)" hopefully you will stop abusing it". How old are you even? cos you don't sound too bright either. Jail is not where everyone that falls out with their girlfriends go, ask your mum. Open your eyes and read the mature comments on this page perhaps you will see that everyone one only acknowledged the sudden fairness and sincerity that strangely popped off one blog--->


Cant believe how Eminem * many others out there have still a career but nobody mentioned their crimes..Chris was only 19 years old who witnessed domestic violence * willing to learn from his mistake ..admited * praised by the judges..Rihanna moved on the next day * bigger than ever with NO talent....just STOP analyzing whatever he says * judging based on media **** ....shame.. as if you were perfect human beings


@Laura Eminem has been charged for beating his wife? Really? Prove it.... Oh, and it's a colour thing, is it? Everyone is just real nice to Mel Gibson, aren't they? Hey, have you forgiven Micheal Richards yet? He didn't even beat a woman and he's treated worse than a murderer....


@Ds you said name one person Eminem but oh he's white so people don't care about how abusive he was to his wife.. Oh..


I wonder if the folks at BOSSIP read my comment (which came before their article).As I said before the other article is CLEARLY subjective and seems like it was written to express the views of the writer as opposed to the true context of the magazine article to which it relates. One should never take a statement out of the context in which it was made and that is what happened in the other article. From beginning to end that article was designed to portray that Chris Brown does not care about what he did and to date this has NOT been the case. I think he needs to be careful though, when he does these interviews since the media which thives on and makes its money from controversy will twist things to get people to buy the magazine, etc. It is irresponsible journalism to publicize comments out of context to sell magazines. This is why he needs to very very careful...everyone read the BOSSIP article.


@jayjay Your post tells me all I need to know about you. An education might help you. I've never seen so many people defend someone who beats women. It's not an 'incident', it's not a 'mishap' or 'controversy', he beat her until she was almost unconscious. He didn't pay for his crime. He didn't spend a day in jail. Name anyone who can beat a woman like that and not spend a day in jail if they aren't famous? You people are disgusting....


i love cb know matter what an all yall haters need to stop hatin


Personally i think anyone who is still angry with chris brown has a problem.i was also very angry until i though to myself"if it were my brother will i stay mad at him" free britteny thanks for this article. F.A.M.E in march 22.i don't want this album to flop so all his hater can f**king shut their pieholes

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