Chris Brown Approved Rihanna Questions Before GMA Tirade; Police Investigating

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Some supporters claim he was ambushed Tuesday on Good Morning America, but the questions by Robin Roberts that preceded Chris Brown's meltdown were approved by the singer before the interview, according to reports.

Brown FLIPPED afterward, allegedly smashing a dressing room window.

Roberts insists GMA asked in advance of she could pose "a few questions" about Rihanna, and Chris approved. She adds, "I'm pulling for the guy." 

Contemplative Chris

As for the broken window, sources say no one in the studio saw Chris throw a chair into the window, but he was definitely in the dressing room at the time.

Staffers called the cops after Chris Brown's tirade, which ended with him storming out in a shirtless huff, to document the broken window in the aftermath.

Whatever took place, shards of glass went flying onto the street, which potentially constitutes two crimes - vandalism and assault (on the passersby below).

No word yet on how seriously police plan on taking this, but Chris, who's still on probation in the Rihanna battery case, could be on thin ice as a result.

The NYPD has yet to take action, and may not unless ABC wants to press charges and actively gets them involved. Either way, not great for Chris' image.

What do you think? Are you on Chris Brown's side?


@missy d: Ummm... he released his album to make money. How exactly is that a defense of anything you cited? You also do realize what a journalist's job is, right? It's not to cater to a subject. It's to get to the heart of a story. Brown being uncomfortable and wanting to shift the conversation back to his album is not a reason for Robin Roberts to drop it - it's the exact opposite. Any real journalist, and this was GMA, a legitimate show, would pepper the subject with questions about precisely what he didn't want to talk about.


sry not lee bee :S


i agree with (lee) nice words keep talking and defense chris i love him alot


why everyone hates chris ?????????????????????????????
every one can do mistakes just look 2 ur self u did't done anything wrong in ur life ? we can't judge him this is his life and he know how 2 live it plz people dnt judge anyone in ur like by d way i love chris brown alot ok just judge ur self b4 judging some one else


If u are a celebrity, u shud learn how to keep ur anger in check. I think chris brown needs a lot of growing up to do. He shud realise that no matter what, questions about the past will definitely come up and by now shud be prepared. Even if he had just laughed it off, dat wud have been better instead of reacting the way he did. Everybody deserves a second chance but I don't know how far chris will go with this latest disappointment. Goodluck to him though


I wonder how some people carry all these hates,leave the young man alone for Chrissakes,he's far more better dn so many of you,keep shinning CB!


Just last week CB did an interview and sent out the memo that he was a grown @ass man. If yesterday's example on GMA is a sample of the behavior of a grown @ass man,then I am Not looking forward to the things to come from CB's grown behavior!!


At least he took it out on a window instead of a person this time, so i guess that's improvement.. although he still coulda hurt someone with the broken glass everywhere. I'd be scared to be this guy's girlfriend to be honest. He definitely needs more anger management classes! I mean, he KNEW he was going to have to answer some questions about Rihanna. It's not as if it came as a surprise.


To the people on this web site that has a problem with my comment can kiss it where the sun do shine ok. I do see that most of you all kkk are negro's haters for life. Wow it is very sad that how people can be so creul to one anothers. This goes back to me commentin about favoritism here, if it was charlie sheen people wouldnt be on him like that, the media would have giving charlie praise for it. What make it so bad is when robin, that who is a black woman, u wouldnt think that she is so creul like that. When robin was askin question to chris about riri, chris did say that we had a agreement about me just promotin my cd not to talk about the past! To me i think that chris and robin had an agreement about certain question to be ask and robin simply didnt do what so was told. Chris did finish performing yeah 3x, so yeah he got up an walk away from that situation and let some steam out in dressing room. As long as it wasnt a female, u know he could have snap at robin but he didnt.


BTW @leo: Just realized I referred to you as "he". If your not a he,I'm sorry.

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