Chris Brown Approved Rihanna Questions Before GMA Tirade; Police Investigating

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Some supporters claim he was ambushed Tuesday on Good Morning America, but the questions by Robin Roberts that preceded Chris Brown's meltdown were approved by the singer before the interview, according to reports.

Brown FLIPPED afterward, allegedly smashing a dressing room window.

Roberts insists GMA asked in advance of she could pose "a few questions" about Rihanna, and Chris approved. She adds, "I'm pulling for the guy." 

Contemplative Chris

As for the broken window, sources say no one in the studio saw Chris throw a chair into the window, but he was definitely in the dressing room at the time.

Staffers called the cops after Chris Brown's tirade, which ended with him storming out in a shirtless huff, to document the broken window in the aftermath.

Whatever took place, shards of glass went flying onto the street, which potentially constitutes two crimes - vandalism and assault (on the passersby below).

No word yet on how seriously police plan on taking this, but Chris, who's still on probation in the Rihanna battery case, could be on thin ice as a result.

The NYPD has yet to take action, and may not unless ABC wants to press charges and actively gets them involved. Either way, not great for Chris' image.

What do you think? Are you on Chris Brown's side?


Sheen was fired. Brown was not. unfair and racist by the "logic" of the race card players. Sheen been mocked in the media. SNL did a skit to make fun of his interviews.(even though he is not the one that acted violent because of it) Late night comedians have been making fun of him. LT been mocked less in the media than Sheen, and Lawrence Taylor had sex with a underage girl that was forced into prostitution and beaten by her pimp(AND DOWN played it in the media). So the media is rac ist against Sheen in favor of LT???


@Neci: No, you did not single me out and call me a KKK member. You did make a blanket statement about people who do not share your viewpoint. Therefore I am included. Yes, I have my opinion on this issue and you have yours, no big deal. I, however, chose to express myself based on the facts at hand instead of attacking others who disagree with me. And also bringing up Charlie Sheen has nothing to do with the mess Chris Brown has made for himself. Sheen has his supporters much like Chris Brown does. Those who refuse to see the real import and impact of what he has done and will defend him no matter what. I am not one of them, I think Sheen is a jerk. But hey,come to think of it, you Brown supporters are doing the same thing the Sheen supporters are. Guess it has nothing to do with race huh?


@ freespirit114, BRAVO!! I understand very well where you are coming from,and thank you for putting it in a language that a lot of THG readers will understand and appreciate!!


Yes it is ur opinon, so i have one too! I still think that there are self hating kkk on this web site. I wanted to know, did i ever call u a kkk member? Like i said again the media wasnt doing that shit to charlie sheen and man have history of beating women.


He obviously didn't authorized questions about Rhianna, its not why he was there. He paid his dues and is trying to get back to his life. This woman badgered him over and over again ... she was trying to provoke an 'incident', that's quite obvious. Let's not forget that we are all just human. If someone came at me in a closed environment with 5 inch stiletto heels, I think I would have given them one or two. Anyone can be pushed to the edge ... she had her hand in it, though i am not excusing his role. Its time to let it gooooo!


Really and truly this whole situation has been blown out of proportion. Rhianna's making her money off what happened and she seems to enjoy playing the provocative victim whilst the man had to-scrap his career back together. He's paid his dues and who's to say his apologies are not sincere off course when your having to make public apologies time and time again; no one even knows his side of the story, she is not completely innocent. As for the rampage after the interview and performance, i think its been dramatized a little too much and at least he went to the privacy of his own dressing room to release his anger instead of one someone. Good Luck Chris Brown, Keep doing your thing and hold your head high


@Neci: Calling people KKK members and racist because they don't approve of Browns violent actions is way over the line and not remotely true. If you have a point to make and you want people to hear you, name calling and insults are not the way to do so. It just makes you sound immature and ignorant.


Wow thats all u can say that i didnt spelled a word right, whatever there are some hating kkk mothas up on this web site. And i will have to agree with kanye about pres. Bush is a racsit. So im thinking that u r trying to get eduacated on me right now about whats goes on in the world today. Whatever, dont give me that shit about what another celebs is doing right. U know damn well that it has alot to do with favoritism in our world today. I hate to say that charlie sheen is getting treated like a rock star for what he have done these past year's. Linsy is a low down crack headed stealin hoe. Dont get me started on mel gilson racist slurs that used and who beat on his ex g/friend. But yet, u all give them praise for what they did in the past year lol favoritism.


Dont hate the playa-hate the game!! Word!! Brotha jus tryin to keep er real Montgomery Triangle is awesome! Montgomery is Awesome!


Chris answered one question, and Robin continued asking more, If Chris was there to perform, that is what the audience was waiting for. Let it be. Charley Sheen is making money being outrageous, and every one is laughing. Rihanna has moved on, Robin, should stick to "hard news".

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