Chris Brown & Justin Bieber Wanna Get "Next 2 You"

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They both make women scream, but in very different ways.

Now, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber have teamed up on a new single.

The hip hop star/nude photo aficionado and 17-year old icon make for an unusual duo in the minds of many... but do they make for a successful one? You tell us. Listen to the newly-released "Next 2 You" and sound off on the duet: What do you think?

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why are so many people hatin on this song??!?!?!! i think this song is AMAZING!!! but i wud take out the african music type things in the background... and chris brown isn't all that bad. he deserves a second chance. he still a great singer and i love this ong! so DEAL WITH IT HATERS!!


yall all juss need to shut up and get on with yall own lives and stop worrying about other peoples.


OMG!!!!! Who wrote this song???? It is really really bad.....The only thing good i can say is thank goodness this song is on Chris Browns album and not Justin's. Justin Bieber is so much better than this crap.


Ike beat up Tina Turner years ago and was never forgiven and Chris Brown is no different.If the record company wants to take Justin Beber down as his butt buddy that's their problem.


To who it may concern, me personally feel like this? I'm so loving this song and hope you know WE the World no one is perfect we are human and so we make many mistake. It shapes us to be better people and only the Lord is perfect and he will judge us in his manner. I have a good feeling with this song and your selection in Justin Bieber was perfect. I wish you well in this Album and in your life, keep surrounding your self with positive thinking and people. can wait to buy your music. Please everyone think about how hard was it to say I'm so sorry for something you done.Thank you


wow, what a match made in hell. me, too i'd like to know who's brilliant idea this pairing was... it's scary the way some people idolize these celebrities. i'm sure there are still people out there who also think OJ was innocent. and ufos really landed in roswell. well then again, maybe they did!:)


And it also a shame that people who support rihanna, but dosnt know how to spell her name. RIHANNA DAMN !


No u all are haters! This guy is free to team up with whoever he wants. I bet most of u all will go to charlie sheen site and say team charlie all the way. If u so call hate chris brown so much, why comment on this site hater for life?


I don't think Justin Bieber should be hanging out with Chris Brown. Justin already has a bit of a temper himself (cursing someone out backstage, shoving a 12 year old, flipping off the paparazzi) and hanging out with a guy who has beaten a woman before might not be such a good thing.


Yeah , what's up with you Haters?What's wrong with Chris Brown taking Rhiana a couple of rounds and knocking her into the ropes..Let Justin Bieber be the referre and watch his career go down the toilet like the Tidy Bowl Man on his boat.What the he'll were Justin Bieber's parents thinking letting their son team up with a woman pounding dirtbag like Chris Brown.Bon Voyage Justin Bieber ,you could have been Big.