Chris Brown Abuse Photo: Did Rihanna Strike First?

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Last week, a graphic photo of a battered Rihanna leaked.

That image showed, for the first time, the gruesome extent of the damage caused by then-boyfriend Chris Brown the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Now, a new photo has surfaced that reportedly shows a lip injury Chris suffered the night he beat Rihanna up. The damage is minor, but it's still there.

MediaTakeOut, which broke the story, says the pic was taken after the fight, during which he claimed Rihanna hit him first. Follow the jump to see:

Chris Brown Abuse Photo

Brown had told investigators Rihanna had hit him that night and scratched up his face. It goes without saying that the Rihanna abuse photo is a bit worse.

Ultimately, it didn't matter, as Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault. He has been on probation ever since, performing community service and hard labor.

A restraining order against him was just lifted, right around the leaking of these pics. Do you see the incident in a different light after seeing this image?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


The bitch deserved it. If your going to hit some one you better except to get hit back period... She knew she was hitting some one stronger then her self and thats what you get. Chris stated one day you will get to see the real Rihanna and know what a horrible bitch she is. She is very head strong and thinks she is gods gift to men. She is a self ex sorbed bitch and her day of failure is coming. Its all about the money for her fuck the fans. She is fake thats what chris means.


@ VampFreak
Lol! Totally! That's exactly what I was thinking...


Quite honestly, I can't see anything out of the ordinary or suggesting physical abuse in this photo.
As you said, it goes without saying that the Rihanna photos are MUCH worse than this. The damage is obvious and severe. Additionally, why is "she hit me first" being used as any kind of an excuse here? Chris is an adult. That "they did it first" stuff stops being believable after like, grade 2. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter. You should've known better. If she hit you, you should have known better than to retaliate so brutally. There can never be an excuse which justifies what he did to Rihanna. I see NOTHING in the photo suggesting she did anything to him, at all. Nothing.


I really don't see a difference, to be honest. Does he mean that little pink spot on his upper lip? Even so, I had a feeling Rihanna hit him. I honestly don't care if a woman gets her ass beat if she hit the guy first. There are no double standards that should be had. If women want the right to do the things that only men got to do once in this country, then they can't turn around and try to act like the frail damsel in distress when the going gets rough. If you don't want to get beat up, keep your hands to yourself.


@LadysKnowWhatWentDown so true. the police report says he pulled over and the fight escalated AFTER they got out of the car.
so he said stop, and said leave; after she threw the keys and his phone out the window. I understand he is 100% guilty but please understand both sides


You made me beat you Bitch..!!! Why did you make me beat you...!!! Don't all the guys that beat up on women say the same thing..? What a Pussy...!


All women know that Rihanna found those text messages and as soon as Chris finished pumping his gas and got in the car she knocked the fool out of him (sucka punched and scratched him)and probably spit on him. Come on Ladys - You know what went down. He told her to stop a few times - gave her that last warning before they go completely off - she ignored it and kept swinging and talking crazy - he told her to get out the car - she didn't - and the rest is history.


Not to be racist but dont all black guys have big lips!?


I mean rhianna is a bitch straight out cuz chris had a reason to hit her she probably was getting on his nerve about some women texting chris phone but its all ove now they need to stop talking about what happen in the past this is 2011 now


Now he is just trying to get symathy ! maybe Rhianna is the biggest bith out there not saying she is but ethier way I he should of never took it that far its 2011 why everyone forget all of it .

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