Chris Brown Abuse Photo: Did Rihanna Strike First?

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Last week, a graphic photo of a battered Rihanna leaked.

That image showed, for the first time, the gruesome extent of the damage caused by then-boyfriend Chris Brown the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Now, a new photo has surfaced that reportedly shows a lip injury Chris suffered the night he beat Rihanna up. The damage is minor, but it's still there.

MediaTakeOut, which broke the story, says the pic was taken after the fight, during which he claimed Rihanna hit him first. Follow the jump to see:

Chris Brown Abuse Photo

Brown had told investigators Rihanna had hit him that night and scratched up his face. It goes without saying that the Rihanna abuse photo is a bit worse.

Ultimately, it didn't matter, as Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault. He has been on probation ever since, performing community service and hard labor.

A restraining order against him was just lifted, right around the leaking of these pics. Do you see the incident in a different light after seeing this image?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.


OMG!!! This is the most pathetic photo Brown could ever take. How dare him????? Now, all the sudden he thinks he is the victim!! Poor little pig, nothing is gonna erase the damage he has done. Heyyy Rihanna, get some balls and finish him as he did with you!!


rihanna is a bitch she lied on 20/20 that she never hit him.
and to all the people saying you can't see anything
so tell me why his lips look like the size of fucking EUROPE for god sake (because that slut rihanna punched him first)


even though i hate chris brown- he deserves some credit for owning up to what he did & trying to get help. if rhianna hit him she deserved like a slap back, she couldnt have done anything to get beaten like that. and chris posting a pic like this is just pathetic. i dont much care for either of them & ppl need to stop making excuses for such idiotic behavior. what he did was terrible & to me ppl like that should always be reminded of their horrible actions. hopefully rihanna learned something about ppl from this whole experience


Yall need to shut up tht bitch shouldn't have put her fucking hands on him im nt sayin its rite for him to do it but com'on now forreal its not rite foe neirther one of them to hit on eachother


Is this what it's come down to? A little kid knows that "she started it" won't get him off the hook when Mom or Dad finds out he hit his little sister. Neither one of them should be hitting each other. If the anger is at that point they should have split up. There is such a thing as walking away from an argument. They are no longer together so why keep this going in the press?


Man or woman: You should always keep your freaking hands to yourself. That's what is taught at home, preschool, kindergarten and for the rest of your lives. Keep your hands to yourself. If you don't then expect to get hit back. It's a human reaction to defend one self if your hit first. Rihanna is an animal!


Wow Britney, that rant was worse than any of the abuse pics of Rihanna. So much hate in one paragraph. Regardless of what type of person she is or if she struck him, she still doesn't deserve to be attacked by him. He has one little cut on his lip and her face was completely bruised up. Unless he was defending himself from being killed then there is no excuse for that. That isn't right.


At the end of the day a guy should never get away with hitting a woman to the extent of what Chris did to Rihanna. He lost his mind for a short moment and this is what happened. Guys are stronger and more likely to cause more damage. Yes she antagonise him but he should never have done what he did, there is no excuse for it.


ewwww these people are like animals :S


It's taken 2 years for CB's close up,now what?? The minute that the restraining order has been lifted, here he comes with his own version of being battered. This is a young fool who is still obsessing over Rhianna and he can Not wait to get his paws back on her as a "friend" for old times sake. Her career has reached super stardom status, and he is still yesterday's news. He hasn't dated since Rhianna, while she is still a desirable woman, in demand and on top of the world. CB was a clawed tiger who's reputation ended up being no more than the purr of a lost kitten!

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