Chris Brown Abuse Photo: Did Rihanna Strike First?

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Last week, a graphic photo of a battered Rihanna leaked.

That image showed, for the first time, the gruesome extent of the damage caused by then-boyfriend Chris Brown the night before the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Now, a new photo has surfaced that reportedly shows a lip injury Chris suffered the night he beat Rihanna up. The damage is minor, but it's still there.

MediaTakeOut, which broke the story, says the pic was taken after the fight, during which he claimed Rihanna hit him first. Follow the jump to see:

Chris Brown Abuse Photo

Brown had told investigators Rihanna had hit him that night and scratched up his face. It goes without saying that the Rihanna abuse photo is a bit worse.

Ultimately, it didn't matter, as Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault. He has been on probation ever since, performing community service and hard labor.

A restraining order against him was just lifted, right around the leaking of these pics. Do you see the incident in a different light after seeing this image?

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Leave that damn boy alone, why are we still on this? Im not mad at chris, rihanna is not mad at chris, so why is most of u all are still mad? Rihanna fans get over it already. And to the racist azzholez that sit down at their computers an also talk shit, go check up on mel and charlie sheen forever crazy abusive azzez. Stop being jugdemental on black people and spanish.


I have felt all along that she was the one who did the striking frist. I feel like if you hit someone, be it man or woman expect to get struck back. what's good for the goose is also good for the gander


Poor Chris,its very sad that someone like you is going through this again,please let put an end to all these trash and let all learn from our mistakes and move on to a brighter future cos nobody on earth is perfect.


this is old news,yesterdays paper.


fights you with a man so come show us your face shit


this son of bitch is not a man, he is a bad example that should be quickly forgotten


"I loooooveee youuuuuu... thats why i kicked u in the face" lol lol lol i love jon lajoie's mel gibson song on youtube :D


@Kim What is with the systems today? I am a girl and believe that their are two faults in this story. A: Rihanna shouldn't of hit him or lied to the police. The "First" time he threatened her she should of walked away and told the police, in secrecy if needed. B: Chris should of known better and not used his physical advantage and walked away, and said thats it. All in all they both "mentally" and "psychically" abused each other. Ri didn't have to get abusive over the so called "affair" and dumped chris. Chris did the wrong thing. Chris pleaded guilty and told the WHOLE truth and did his time. I say their shouldn't be difference in the abusive terms. It should be illegal to hit men as it is to hit women. two faults. It is not entirely chris's fault. Rihanna even lifted the restraining order against him so they can now attend the same events. Either way, don't live in the past.


Really, why are u all commenting like Chris posted this pic or is denying any fault in this crime. He plead guilty!! That was over a year ago. He knew he was wrong, he chose not to bash her and speak about the circumstances of his actions, so all u "Rhianna Warriors" fall back it ain't that serious. He admitted guilt, did service and accepted counseling. What more do u want from him? Allow him to grow from his mistakes. The only difference between him and every jerk commenting like they've never committed a crime or done something they're ashamed of is his mistakes are publicized. Regardless of who provoked it (cause I highly doubt anyone commenting on this sight was an eyeball witness to the beating) the man has already accepted all fault and is working on improving his life. Let this go already.


you're trashy. In america there's laws. No matter who hit who first, every hit is illegal. Beating your girlfriends face is not "self defense!" & "She hit me first" does not mean now he's free to kick her ass! He should have walked away

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