Chelsea Houska and Megan Nelson: 2 More Babies For Teen Mom Stars?

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Megan Nelson and Chelsea Houska star on Teen Mom 2. Will one or both of them be soon having more babies, too? That's the rumor going around.

According to Life & Style, Megan, 18, who has appeared on the hit reality show as the best friend of Chelsea Houska, is also pregnant with a son!

Megan, a native of Sioux Falls, S.D., has witnessed how best friend Chelsea, 19, struggled with teen pregnancy. But that wasn't about to stop her.

2 More Teen Mom Babies, Too!

Megan, who's expecting with her boyfriend of only seven months, is publicly sharing her journey on her Facebook and Twitter. As for the other new baby?

It's a bit unclear. The cover story implies that Chelsea is "shocked" over "another baby" (probably cleverly referencing Megan's). But as for Leah Messer?

Despite already having twins, L&S seems to think she's expecting a THIRD child now ... although this fact is conveniently absent from the actual article.

Personally, we'd put money on Jenelle Evans as the next Teen Mom 2 star to get knocked up again. You never know what that loose cannon is up to.

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The only mature parents on that show were leah and corey. The rest were jus plain old dumb (chelsea) disrespectful (kailynn) or jus a bad mom all around (jenelle)


The only bad mom is Janelle, thank god for her mom. Hopefully she will turn her life around. The other girls clearly love their children and take care of them very well and have great support systems. Those kids will always be well taken care of. Janelle's mom will even be sure Jace gets everything he needs, it's unfortunate for him how his mom has chosen to behave. I don't see the need for all this bashing, they made a huge mistake and it's how they choose to deal with it that defines who they are. None of us are perfect.


Of all of the Teen Mom cast, Chelsea is a useless moron. She isn't capable of doing anything for herself, and it's a shame her Dad spoils her and lets her take advantage of him constantly and no one in her family ever makes her do anything she doesn't want to. She lives in a vacuum. she should be the prime example of what an idiot sounds like when she opens her mouth: no ambition, no charisma, no personality or intelligence at all. Too bad there is another person out there with HER genes! and her loser boyfriend? Even worse! MTV should stop glamorizing teen pregnancy, since most of these kids are far from capable of handling such a huge undertaking!


blank, I agree with everything you said. Chelsea is a spoiled brat who take's total advantage of her dad. DAD PLEASE STOP GIVING IN TO HER!!! YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN. Chelsea, YOU need to get a job, CLEAN YOUR HOUSE THAT YOUR DAD PAY'S FOR AND GROW UP. But I guess the bottom line here is that both dad and spoiled Chelsea are making money off this show so neither of them will grow up..


Anyone who considers Leah a role model needs their head examined.Once a cheater always a cheater. She will hurt Corey again. He was soo stupid to marry that cheap skank.


I was a teen mother and I did just fine these girls will eventually grow up or allready have dont bash on them the only bad mother is jannelle she is going to regret everything she did to her motherand son hope it wont be too late


what is with the heavy eye make-up at all hours of the day? if chelsea put at least half the time she spends doing up her face into her school work, she would've graduated from college already. forget the g.e.d. and who is adam to say who should be paying what in that house? chelsea's dad didn't have a problem with megan being there so adam just needs to stfu. chelsea is whiny and spoiled and doesn't know how lucky she is to have her dad. she should show her cool ass dad a little more respect and listen to what he has to say. don't even get me started on kailyn, her son's father or jenelle.


In a recent article when Leah was asked where she sees herself in 10 years she mentioned that she will probably have another child by then and that corey wants a boy....I am sure that is what the article means; that one will come in the future


all yall need the lord,in yall heart. yall all got pretty, childern.


good for leah if she is expecting a another baby as long as shes happy & she has the support that she needs is all it matters. as in for megan houska i don't know about her yet. i just don't understand why they get pregnant so quick & then they don't even know if their guy will respond to them back. for those whose try to be so judgemental about exploited babies well don't be because if you had a child you'll do the same thing to get money. is ridiculous how they make that a big deal nothing bad has happen to any baby so good for them..later on they might even be actors lol. haters need to back of, their the fans & they know it who ever has something bad to say is because they must read about you guys or even see the show but who cares in the long run of all the negativity it benefits u!!!!!!!!!!!!!