Chelsea Houska and Megan Nelson: 2 More Babies For Teen Mom Stars?

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Megan Nelson and Chelsea Houska star on Teen Mom 2. Will one or both of them be soon having more babies, too? That's the rumor going around.

According to Life & Style, Megan, 18, who has appeared on the hit reality show as the best friend of Chelsea Houska, is also pregnant with a son!

Megan, a native of Sioux Falls, S.D., has witnessed how best friend Chelsea, 19, struggled with teen pregnancy. But that wasn't about to stop her.

2 More Teen Mom Babies, Too!

Megan, who's expecting with her boyfriend of only seven months, is publicly sharing her journey on her Facebook and Twitter. As for the other new baby?

It's a bit unclear. The cover story implies that Chelsea is "shocked" over "another baby" (probably cleverly referencing Megan's). But as for Leah Messer?

Despite already having twins, L&S seems to think she's expecting a THIRD child now ... although this fact is conveniently absent from the actual article.

Personally, we'd put money on Jenelle Evans as the next Teen Mom 2 star to get knocked up again. You never know what that loose cannon is up to.

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i like kailyn and leah the best


i love teen mom 2 better than teen mom they seem more real than the first lot. I think janelle is awful though she keeps screwing up her life in every way and does not care about her son. my favs are
4.janelle(even though she does not look after her son)


i think Teen Mom is not a good show it is interesting but it shows younger kids that if a 16 or 17 yr old can have a baby then i can because the show doesnt show you their struggles but i will say my faves in order are:
1 leah
2 chelsea
3 jenelle
4 kailyn


Chelsea Houska is a AMAZING Mom. She has a beautiful daughter &&& a amazing Father. She doesn't get spoiled like a lill' rich brat. She's nice && deserves a good man, Be strong. So back off. Jenelle is a horrible mother, smoking weed && crap when she has A BABY. WAKE UPPP. Kailyn, Eh. Leah, Be strong & Dont let anything get in ur way.


I think that her mother is a horrible mother, if she actually let Jenelle near Jace then maybe she would have the chance to prove herself as a mother. She didn't have the right to ban her from seeing her son when she didn't actually have custody. And she only has partial custody now. As for Leah she's doing an amazing job, Chelsea well she'll always be herself. I HATE HATE HATE Kailyn i think she needs to stop sponging of Jo and his parents and get on her own two feet. She whines too much, she treats everyone horribly even her friends. She is worse that Jenelle. I think Jenelle's mum should back of and let her have Jace, she only went and partied because she was able too. If it was only her and Jace she would have to stay in and then she would prove herself capable.!


I luv Chelsea!I'm a daddy's girl and im spolid!wats wrong with it?it shows how much ur parent(s) luv u!lol i like the girls in this order:
4-Leah I like Chelsea best cause shes like me,has a adorable daughter,and gets wat she wants! I like Jenelle cause of the guys she picks,her life style,and her fashion style! I like Kailyn bcause shes responsible,cares for Isaac,and goes with life how it is!!! I like Leah last cause my sister had twins one with a problem and she delt with it like Leah,Awsomelee!!!But i dont know why Leah would get Pregnant again!?!thats seems kinda stupid!expecially with Alianna's problem.


Jenelle: Worst mom on the show.
Chelsea: Spoiled, but she's a good mom to her beautiful baby.
Kailyn: Boring!
Leah: Best mom on the show...and she's not a skank! That's like offending teen moms for getting pregnant while not even 20 years old yet!


hi, I personally don't think teen mom is showing teens that being a teen mom is difficult. It's showing teens hey, let's get knocked up and we can become famous by getting on a reality show. They should stop coming out with all these shows. It just makes young girls wanna have a kid. Because then they think hey, they can do it, so can I....


Wow Thesse teenage moms... You have to start being a mom Janelle yes we all make mistakes and you made a few... Learn from them and start being a mom to your son...Chelsea you really need to grow up lets remember your a mom now. Go back to school get a job and dont just sit on your butt all day... Dont you want your daughter to look up to you when she grows up? Your dad needs to STOP HE ISNT HELPING YOU AT ALL!! LET ADAM GO!! THE REST OF THE GURLS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!


jennele is ungrateful and stupid.....chelseas baby is adorable looks alot like grandmpa kailyns baby daddy needs to grow up and leahs girls are gourgeous and ali is a beatiful lucky strong baby.....