Chelsea Houska and Megan Nelson: 2 More Babies For Teen Mom Stars?

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Megan Nelson and Chelsea Houska star on Teen Mom 2. Will one or both of them be soon having more babies, too? That's the rumor going around.

According to Life & Style, Megan, 18, who has appeared on the hit reality show as the best friend of Chelsea Houska, is also pregnant with a son!

Megan, a native of Sioux Falls, S.D., has witnessed how best friend Chelsea, 19, struggled with teen pregnancy. But that wasn't about to stop her.

2 More Teen Mom Babies, Too!

Megan, who's expecting with her boyfriend of only seven months, is publicly sharing her journey on her Facebook and Twitter. As for the other new baby?

It's a bit unclear. The cover story implies that Chelsea is "shocked" over "another baby" (probably cleverly referencing Megan's). But as for Leah Messer?

Despite already having twins, L&S seems to think she's expecting a THIRD child now ... although this fact is conveniently absent from the actual article.

Personally, we'd put money on Jenelle Evans as the next Teen Mom 2 star to get knocked up again. You never know what that loose cannon is up to.


love to watch chelsea, she seems to have a good head on her shoulders and trying to do betr thngs for herself. jenelle seems to wanna be a good mother to jace but needs to grow up. im still upset with leah. corey seems like a great man but she just wants thngs to go her way, if they don't then she fins t with another man. kailyn is cute and i think her n jo r good together


chelsea you great, as far as adam he is an ass and really doesnt deserve you. honestly i wouldnt stay with any man that called my child a little bastard! his or not.
leah your amazing too, dont let any man or situation bring you down! you have two beautiful daughters!
kailyn our a great mom, but word of advisse LEAVE THE THUGS ALONE!!
aint any of them worth it i promise.
and for jenelle, you make me sick. i dont see how anyone could just dump your child on your mother. you should have never been able to reproduce. maybe you should man up and take care of your son or leave him alone so he doesnt have to know your sorry ass!!!!!!

Avatar i hope for the best for all of you and ik how hard it is i have 2 sons but i hope for the best for all of you hope u know wht your doing:)


Chelsea good luck with everything I hope the best for you and Adam. Leah I hope you know what you are doing. Corey seemed like an awesome guy and dad hope the new man can handle three kids. I had a baby at 18 and know how hard it is to get by without a paycheck from MTV. Let's hope you can support those 3 kids now


Omg I love Chelsea's baby.she is super cute.i also love Ali . :D


To chelsea.. I'm also a teen mom as well and I know how hard it is! But honestly you people need to understand that Adam is het babies dad. No matter how much they fight she's going to love him. Technecially there family now! When your in the situation then you should comment not make false accusations about her life and feelings as if you know!


My favorite is Chelsea. Shes just adorable with her animal prints and hair extensions...she has her own style and its unique. Her friends seem like sweet girls and she has a loyal loving family. Adams an ass, but just as adorable and i really think they love each other. They are young and immature, but in love nonetheless.
Kailyn looks weird. lol
Leah is ok. Shes just bored in a small town.
Jenelle, I dont care. Her moms annoying, but I like the mom more. Atleast shes got her shit together.


As for chelsea getting back with adam, you guys obviously never love. You fight for who you love and try to make them grow up at that age. Its hard because ultimately you cant change someone they do it themselves. Leave her be.. Its her life and when its time itll be done for good or hell change.


I think meg would be a excellent mommy just like chelsea is..i think all you haters need to grow up.i feel like you guys are just jealious..meg was great with aubree..and for chelsea getting back with adam....she loves him...adam is the daddy to aubree.she cant help how she feels..


I love you Chelsea wish u were my older sister beautiful, smart everything. Jennele is awesome, and right next to Chelsea and Leah is the BOMB! Kailyn u r great! PS Chelsea I har a torn ACL so I know how u feel!

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