Charlie Sheen's Mom Goes Off on Donald Trump

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The mother of Charlie Sheen is taking serious issue with Donald Trump. Because that possible, moronic Presidential candidate recently revealed himself as a Birther? No.

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    Charlie certainly has his demons but who doesn't?? if I were his mom I'd be defending him too,thats what we do weather we're wrong or right.Trump has no room to talk about anyone or their decisions they make,lookout,he's on his 3rd marriage too


    i must say i find this amusing because on a natural anyone would defend their loved ones. she was by far not claiming her son to be perfect or even acting like she was in denial but a mother upset because he son is getting trashed and all the information wasnt on the table about both parites. i say rock on mom!. I know i would for my child.


    I can not stand it when a mother covers for their child. If your children do something wrong, a parent should not cover for them but try to teach them the right way and stick by their side. She is just embarrassed because of the way Sheen is acting and I would be too but I wouldn't act like her. Who cares who is talking about Charlie on t.v. He has made a complete retard of himself on t.v. all on his own. So who cares. She knows her son is crazy deep down she doesn't know how to handle it. She needs to go talk to a professional so she can be taught how to deal with an addict and realize how she is acting. I feel bad for everyone this is involved.


    I totally get someone sticking up for their kids, but you wanna know what I did when my son was out of control and rapidly becoming a danger to himself and others? I had him committed and he got the help he desperately needed. Worry more about your child than some old rich guy with a bad rug, Mrs Sheen.


    charlie sheen's mom should be discipling(beating) her own son than taking it up with donald trump...
    Mr. trump might be out there but alteast he not one OLD CRACKED OUT WOMEN ABUSER !!!

    IF charlie sheen wins, I will move to CANADA !!!!!

    @ anaon

    MOVE ALREADY !!!!!!


    I can appericate Mrs Sheen defending her son,but he is a grown ass man and I'm sure he can handle Trump.On the other hand,I think Chris Browns' mom should be out defending him especially in the media,know how they do,build you up to tear you down.


    After Charlie had some overdoses in 1989, his father Martin reported him for parole violation and he was forced to go to rehab. He was clean for a long time.
    I don't know when Chalie started again. Someone who's been sober for years after years of drug abuse should not marry someone else with substance problems. And nobody should take up with someone has a history of spousal abuse either.


    Trumpster....shut the fuck up man!, you can't even handle Rosie O'donald so i know you dont want to tangle with Barak Obama, he will chew your ass up like a Bolony Sandwitch! go somewhere and comb that nappy ass comb over weak what ever the fuck you call that shit on your head!...better yet your FIRED!!


    I am not a big fan of Donald Trump but I think he was right this time. Charlie is a mess.


    Birther The Donald is right we have LAWS AND THESE LAWS MUST BE OBEYED they dont just apply some and not OBAMA where is his birth certificate Also the word birther being used as to somehow put down someone that believes in the Constitution of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA doesn't make sense we have LAWS

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