Charlie Sheen Wields Machete, Declares: Free at Last!

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Charlie Sheen is taking his firing pretty well.


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    That crowd edging Charlie on was Not helpful. It may have inflated his ego to see that crowd yelling to him, but it was Not what he Needed in his state of mind. It is hard to think about the emotional turmoil that Charlie's parents must be trying to sort out. Years back Charlie had Not gotten to this point, and his father Martin was adamant that he was going to do everything to get his son back on track and he did. At the age of 70, Martin Sheen and Charlie's mother does Not Need their son making a mockery out of the good life that he has been blessed with. I guess at this point there is either an intervention on the way, or their hands thrown up in exasperation. Officially signing off on the topic of Charlie Sheen!!!


    And this man is due in court today to fight for custody of his 2 2yr olds. The man can't get out of his own way.


    .... If there was a way for me to boycott Wal-Mart and Target both, I would. But unfortunately those are the only two stores that are viable price wise for alot of things. But needless to say that I'm not going anywhere near that tripe, and if I see it in the store I will be leaving a comment card stating that the displays are offensively stupid.


    It goes to show that the only difference between crazy drug abuser and folkhero in Hollywood is money and "star-quality.". Live nation is just leeching off the latter. Those products mean zip since the person means zip right now. Rock bottom coming faster and faster for Charlie, he needs help, and nobody in that town has the guts to do what is right by him and his kids. What a wasteland!


    LMAO! "Folk hero for standing up for himself"? Standing up for being an unfit father and for being so fucked up you are fired from a TV show where you basically play yourself? Standing up for yourself and your drug abuse? Yeah,like anyone over the age of about 16 is really thinking this guy is standing up for anything. He's just fucked up,nothing more.


    Dude! Did that guy in the article say charlie sheen is a "folk hero" for standing up for himself. What the hell? When and what for was charlie standing up for himself? Was it when he was getting 1 million an episode for nothing much. THEULTIMATETOOL= charlie sheen

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