Charlie Sheen vs. Steven Tyler: Crazy Quote Off!

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Let's get one thing clear: Charlie Sheen quotes from this week will never be topped.

We could combine Michael Lohan with Sarah Palin and feed them with nothing but tequila for days and they would still be unable to top the lunacy that spewed forth from the actor's mouth over the past several days. To wit:

Still, one man has stepped up and at least earned honorable mention since being thrust back into the national spotlight. Consider some of the gems Steven Tyler has uttered during his stint on American Idol:

Well hellfire, save matches, f--- a duck and see what hatches! | permalink
You went up into the way-out-osphere, you went to squeak-land. That's insane. | permalink
From my melodic sensibility, it was really delicious. | permalink
I've never heard anybody squeeze that song, but you squeezed it so slow it sounded like Vanilla Fudge singing 'Eleanor Rigby. | permalink
Slap that baby on the ass and call me Christmas! | permalink

Below, we've collected the very best of Tyler's recent work on Idol. Dare we even ask: Can he compete with Sheen in the department of crazy?


Oh my god! Steven is the best! He is so funny and emotional! I crazy love him!


Sheen is uber sexy *pant* and steven is brilliant. They both are. Healthy? Who knows.


I LOVE...LOVE... STEVEN TYLER....he's the best judge idol every had so is J-LO.. They know what its all about...


Mr. Sheen is a drug addict who's also mentally ill. For the children's protection he needs to stay away from them. Their mothers must protect these children from him, because he will not protect them in his current mental state. The women are merely babysitting him and his children. Living with two women and flaunting it is a symptom of his mental illness. He is a misogynist and should not be allowed around his children.


Everyone is acting as if Sheen's behavior is somehow amusing, This man is seriously dangerous. His ex-wives both are right in protecting the children. He is like a time bomb ticking, He's going to blow and I am afraid that whoever's close to him is going to go down in the blast. This is serious mental illness. Listen to him,"Tiger Blood", "Adonis", "Warlock", Serious narsasistic tendencies. Documented violence, with weapons, This man is scary.


Love Steven Tyler,am an Aerosmith fan from way back! Funny thing about Tyler is that he's been back and forth between being addicted and sober and he has always made funny/weird comments like these. Comng from him it's just funny,like he means it to be. Now if he starts spouting off about his warlock master or something I'll be scared. :D


Steven Tyler beats Charlie sheen by a long shot, Steven Tyler's the best :D


and this is why I love steven tyler

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