Charlie Sheen to Brooke Mueller: Where Are Our Kids?!?

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It's taken the removal of Charlie Sheen's kids to make this actor sound like a human being again.

The morning after police arrived and took away two-year old twins Bob and Max, per a restraining order filed by Brooke Mueller, Sheen appeared on The Today Show and made a plea to his ex-wife.

"Brooke, I'm sorry you felt this had to be done in this way, but this does not display any responsible parenting that I'm familiar with. I think that cooler and smarter, leveler heads can prevail, and I urge you to reach out to me, immediately if not sooner, and tell me where our sons are."

By most accounts, the former couple's children are living with Muller's mother.

But Sheen believes the best place for them are at home with him, Rachel Oberlin and Natalie Kenly:

"There's more love, compassion, support, childcare and everything else you could possibly want for a child in this lovely home. It's a hundred thousand times better than what's going to be delivered or offered in her house."


I'm not on team Brooke nor Charlie ... But if the kids are in her Mothers custody (not hers) then why did she HAVE to get involved? I dont know - I just feel bad for the kids being tossed about. At 2 years old they know something is going on. :(


Like he gives a flying crap about his kids!! He only cares about his whore house.


Does he even know what responsible parenting is? Why go on TV,pick up the phone and call. He just wants to try and look good.
BTW-I seriously doubt miss Chronic 2010 is a great person to have living with your kids...


This man has "gone" completely!!

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