Charlie Sheen on Mel Gibson: One Cool Dude!

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Charlie Sheen has spoken out once again.

In his latest interview - following sit-downs with NBC, ABC and TMZ - the actor appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday and touched on a number of topics.

Has he ever hit a woman? "No, women are not to be hit. They're to be hugged and caressed, you know?"

What about the incident with Brooke Mueller in Colorado and Capri Anderson in NYC? "The Aspen thing was thrown out. The judge was like, get this guy out of my county, he brings too much press with him... and then the police report in New York just didn't reflect anything."

Did Mel Gibson really call? "He was not calling for any advice, just like, 'thought you might like to hear a friendly voice.' He was a stone cold dude. I was really impressed."

(Editor's note: this is the first time in recorded history that someone has described Gibson's voice as "friendly." Allow us this counterpoint.)

Below, Sheen offers his take on John Stamos as a possible replacement for him and also hands Morgan a copy of his most recent drug test. Really...


Tough, strong and determined characters like Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson are urgently needed to help in the fight against Global terrorism.
If they would care to call the military recruitment office, their applications will be fast-tracked for an immediate posting to the front lines in Afghanistan or elsewhere where their is real conflict and bloodshed and where they can both join the fray and demonstrate their manliness, thus making their fellow-countrymen proud again. Yours Truly ...
Wing Commander Brian Forsythe


What was Michael Jackson trying to tell us? Charlie Sheen questions Obama about 9/11
despite AIPAC controlled media censorship.


I hope Charlie and Mel get to be even
better friends. They can play with their
Cars, guns, drugs and abuse themselves
Leaving others alone. I wish they would
Get in the car together.


(Editor's note: this is the first time in recorded history that someone has described Gibson's voice as "friendly." Allow us this counterpoint.) No, It is not. EVERYONE that knows well Mel has ONLY kind words to say about him. Very telling how THAt never gets repeated by you media types. You spin spin spin your crap. But there are MANY of us out here taking notes on just waht hinny holes you media types are. And we KNOW who owns you. WAKE UP before backlash happens. WAKE UP! (and no I don't expect you to post this, but you're reading it and that is enough! WAKE UP!)


Saying that the Judge in Aspen wanted him gone because he brought too much press (if true the Judge should be disbarred and I think it's not true) does not answer the question of wether he did it or not. Avoiding the question much Charlie?


I fear that sheen actually thinks he is making sense when he talks!

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