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Charlie, WE ALL HATE YOU, so please do us all a favor and STFU, or O.D., for our sake.

You really suck and we are sick of your dumbass. Jon Cryer will CONTINUE to get work in Hollywood, you..... not so much.


I am so co-signing with you guys. He is burning every single bridge in Hollywood.

What company will ever, EVER trust him? He is a loose canon.


Does Sheen really think he will be given a role in any film (never mind a multi-million $ one) any time in the near future? And does he really think he is so damn important that everyone in the world is either for or against him? Delusions of grandeur are typical of those with certain mental illnesses and those with certain drug abuse problems. It is amazing to me how deep in denial this man is and how,as each day passes,how totally unlikely it is that he will come out of it.


Charlie sheen is so delusional. If He thinks he will get work again after this.

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