Charlie Sheen: Fired from Two and a Half Men!

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With each day bringing a piece of Charlie Sheen news that's crazier than the last, Warners Brothers has finally made it official: the actor has been fired from Two and a Half Men.


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    Hi you all. I'm from Poland and I just want to say that I've stoped watching TAAHM after 8 season. I can't stand Ashton Kutcher. In my opinion thay should not fired Sheen for bad behavior, It's Okey to do it in the show but not in real life? Please. With Kutcher the title should be "2 men and a douchebag".


    Charlie sheen is the backbone of the show .i wanna see how they will replace him or will they rename the show malibu lifestyle ?


    Watching the link to the video...the only thing I see is he likes to listen to himself talk about nothing other than BS. But anyway, I dont really care about Hollywood, accidentally clicked on this link and curiosity struck me. Have fun worrying more about Hollywood than the rest of the world.


    This is from Canada. We all watch Two and a half men every day. The show will never be the same without Charlie Sheen. He should never be fired.


    I don't blame them from wanting to fire him. BUT his the show his the title the title isn't ONE AND A HALF MAN His the star of the show it's gonna be horrible


    :S thats bad ! he was the man of the show !


    2 1/2 men was a great show and gave me lots of laughs, but I think it has run its course. Charlie Sheen will always find work as long as he stays off the drugs. So will Jon Cryer. Me, too I hope Charlie gets it together for the sake of his kids. It's about time he realised he is a father first and foremost.


    Okay, I know it's pretty far fetched, but what if this whole Charlie Sheen thing was a joke on the public? What if he really just wanted to finish with 2 1/2 men and came up with a brainy idea to fool the public. Let's face it, we are pretty gullible. We seem to care more about what is going on in Hollywood than we do with our own government. Sad, but true.

    Wouldn't he be one of the greatest actors of all time?
    I doubt that this is what is happening, but you just never know!


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    2 and 1/2 men sucks. Whoever writes it sucks. Lots of crap on t.v. in last decade sucked because of low standards. And it's B.S., Warner Bros.(rich S.O.B.'s)suing Charlie for breech of contract or some other b.s_ _ _! This piece of crap has been on t.v. for toooo long!!

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