Charlie Sheen: Duh, Donating!

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This is nice to see: Charlie Sheen is using his insanity to support something other than the porn star industry.

After his August shows in Detroit and Chicago sold out in under 20 minutes, the actor announced that one dollar from every ticket to the events will go toward the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund.

Being Roasted

The same will be said for any additional shows, as organizers are looking to add venues that may take Sheen to Europe and Australia. A source also tells E! News that "Madison Square Garden is trying to book a date."

Elsewhere, Sheen is hawking merchandise on his new, official website. He received some help from Natalie Kenly (above) with modeling the gear, while Tweeting to followers yesterday:

#FASTBALL Eat your hearts out; literally! Now go buy it.

We're not sure how one can literally eat one's heart out and then go buy something and... nevermind. This is the most sense Sheen has made in weeks.


Charlie Sheen winning! so who's laughing now? Charlie!!! :))):DDD


Who's gonna be there for him when he crash and burns?????????????


@ Destiny
Exactly. They will ask for our help when they need it. You wanna help someone that's in trouble, go to a soup kitchen or Habitats for Humanity sometime. It's nice to be thinking about Japan right now, it really is, but they will be rebuilding within the next month. They don't need us.


after japan sheen needs to donate money back to america because our government just ain't cutting it!


Seriously, You are going to let some drugged up Freak use the name of the Red Cross. Now I am embarrassed, honestly this is the last thing thing they need. WINNING!!!!


To the asshole above me. Japan does not necessarily need our help. They are one of the wealthiest nations in the capitalist world. No problem in donating but don't give me this crap that they need our help with our money. Besides, they own part of Corporate America right now. Fuck them and their help.


Glad to hear that he is donating to something so worth while. Have to wonder though,if after the first few of these "shows" he does live people will still be trying to book him for more. After all,if he is just spewing the same stuff he has been lately then we've all already seen it for free on Sheens Korner.
Save the ticket price and donate directly to the red cross if you can. Japan needs every bit of help we can send!

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