Charlie Sheen Crashes Jimmy Kimmel Live

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If Charlie Sheen really is returning to television, a surprise appearance by the actor last night left little doubt: a major fan base will follow him there.

Sheen popped up during a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live, interrupting the host's interview with Mark Cuban - the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and founder of HDnet, who has discussed some kind of talk show with Sheen - and coming out to raucous applause.

The controversial star kissed Kimmel on the lips, handed out Charlie Sheen merchandise (t-shirts that made references to "WINNING" and "Tiger's Blood") and then departed after four minutes, saying "I have a show to write, dammit."

Sheen was raspy-voiced and seemingly in a great mood, and for good reason. Despite his recent run of nuttiness, just look at the adulation showered upon him by the studio audience:

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Uh, Mr. Sheen? It's not April Fool's Day yet.


i new after seeing his interviews etc that shortly afterwards we would find out hes doing something such as a tour, the whole thing is one big publicity stunt and the public are so dumb they dont even realise it, not that im complaining because its still good entertainement. Im just suprised everyone thinks hes actually gone crazy, its great for charlie because he promotes his stuff, its great for the media because all charlie sheen related media is going through the roof. But! its not real fools.


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@chill out
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The whole Charlie Sheen thing is getting sooo old!


Give it your best shot, bitch!


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Charley Who???? Why would anyone in their right mind applaud for this idiot?? And this 'one man tour' which is sold out??? Has this country gone to hell? What is wrong with you people??? Oh yeah, you probably voted for obammy, the magic negro.

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