Chantal O'Brien on Bachelor Rejection: All Good!

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Chantal O'Brien was emotionally crushed by Brad Womack on The Bachelor season finale. But looking back, she has no hard feelings and says it was for the best.

As shocked and confused as she was that Brad didn't propose to her then, the fun-loving, 28-year-old Seattle divorcee says she's "in a really good place."

Below are excerpts from an interview Chantal gave to People:

Brad Womack and Chantal O'Brien

On Brad not choosing her: "There I was thinking this is someone I could have a future with and they didn't want to be with me. It broke my heart."

On reliving it on the After the Final Rose special: "It was hard to go back and see those memories. I think it's undeniable the chemistry Brad and I had."

On The Bachelor spoilers that reported, erroneously, that she got engaged to Brad: "I started getting text messages and calls saying 'Congratulations!'"

"It was difficult obviously, because I've just had my heart broken and everyone is congratulating me. At the same time, I tried to be a good sport."

On getting closure: "Brad found just what he was looking for and I wish them happiness. I'm in a really good place, too, which makes it a lot easier."

On meeting new boyfriend Jeff Razore: "I think because of my [Bachelor] experience, it's allowed me to be where I am now and be in a relationship."

On life these days: "I'm back into normal life, which I'm really happy with. I'm still living in the house you saw on the show; I'm working for my dad."

"Just spending time with friends and family. Things are going really well."

A far cry from when she was just let go by Brad ...


Chantal, sadly, Brad chose a woman who is suffocating from the walls that surround her. They "wooden" and "forced" with each other. Tragically (and I don't say this lightly)the relationship was doomed from the first date on "The Bachelor." You, however, are filled with light & life & positive energy. Only good things will follow. I can't wait to see how your life unfolds because you deserve that absolute best. You're a treasure.


Chantal, you are a great person. You are beautiful, smart, adventurous, loving and very kind. I felt so bad for you at the end. I wished Brad could have pulled you aside earlier that day of the final rose and told you how he really felt. I thought for sure he was going to pick you. What was great about you was that you knew what you wanted and you weren't afraid to show how you felt about Brad. His loss. I really don't think Emily and him make a good match. There was so much chemistry between you and him. Anyhow, best of luck to you. Remember what happened to Melissa Rycroft after she got dumped. Take care. Li Li


Brad should have picked you instead he picked a woman that is NEVER going to fully committ to him. Emily is really starting to show that she is not as sweet as she appeared to be on the show


I really felt for you Chantal. There is no denying that Brad treated you badly. And what he said to you on "After the Final Rose" about how he thought you "deserved to stay" was unforgivable. He is a total ass.


I really felt for you Chantal. There is no denying that Brad treated you badly. And what he said to you on "After the Fanal Rose" about how he thought you "deserved to stay" was unforgivable. He is a total ass.


You are a young, vibrant, and fun woman. Brad is a nice person, but I don't think he was a good match for you. Spoken as a 65 year old, I could see Emily on the horizon. Yet, she is way too immature and jealous for Brad -- what did she think he was doing with the other women - playing scrabble????????? I'm so glad you are happy now (with someone else)! You're a delightful woman! By the way, what brand of watch were you wearing??? I loved it! M.


You are breathtakingly beautiful, Chantal. You could not have been more open or more loving. Brad was an idiot. He did you a favor when he rejected you. Now, it seems like you have found something real. Congratulations! Love life!


The couples always breakup within months. But this one is different. Looks like it ended before it even started. Brad did Chantal a favor by choosing the other chick. Not gonna last...


Don't worry Chantal it won't last long. You just can't break up and get back together break up and get back together and be in it for the long haul. Out of 15 seasons only 2 of these relationships have resulted in marriage.

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