Celebrity Facial Hair Affair: Johnny Depp Sort of Shaves!

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Shaggy-faced for ages, Rango star Johnny Depp surprised fans when he emerged at least somewhat clean-shaven on Tuesday at Narita airport in Tokyo.

Depp didn't get a full makeover, of course. He's far from totally smooth.

His hair is still quite long as well, and he wore his trademark shades, hat, fedora and multiple necklaces. Still, it's a change. Do you like it? Vote!

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

What's Johnny Depp's best look? Scraggly or ... slightly more clean cut? Take a look at the two images here and vote on which you prefer. View Poll ยป


The beard makes Johnny Depp look like an old twat and not an ounce sexy. What's wrong with all of you people who voted that's the sexier look. Do you have eyes? Please, Johnny, bring sexy back! You were soo hot!

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