Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi: Expecting!

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Canadian-born rock star Bryan Adams is going to become a first-time father at age 51, according to reports. The mother-to-be is Alicia Grimaldi.

That would be Adams' personal assistant. The baby is due in May. A UK news site initially broke the news, citing an unnamed friend of Adams'.

The singer later confirmed the story on Twitter, saying it was mostly true, except for the "friend" part. Then he went on to state without a doubt:


The "Summer of '69" singer will become a dad in the Spring of '11!

“Alicia Grimaldi and I are expecting a baby. She helped me start my foundation years ago and it looks like she’ll be running the family now!”

“Thanks for your support and kind messages, we appreciate it greatly.”

Grimaldi helped set up the foundation in 2004. She graduated from Cambridge University in 2001 with a degree in social and political sciences.

Congratulations to the happy, expectant couple!


I don't think I would've waited till I was 51,but he is a vegetarian,in great shape and does have aboot $68 million, so i think he'll enjoy his time with Alicia and Mirabella BUNNY Adams.


Well... He's still 18 until he dies... : )


Looks like they are so much in love, judging from his words:))


i am only 29 and I would have his babies!!!! he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fab. I love him


I am 60 years old and from long time I am investigating who was the one who invented the number of years that should exist between a man and a woman to have a serious relationship. Reason? Because I do not understand what is the problem. We must remember that not all men are equal either to develop emotinally the same age and same goes for women. A high percentage of women and men may be 30 years old and be psychologically and emotionally as if they were 60. And then? Pardon my English, it is not my languaje.


I meant to say life. Sorry about that mistake.


Congratulations to Bryan Adams & Alicia Grimaldi on their new baby. I'm sure he will be a great father. And for people commenting about his personal, his personal life is noone else's business. I have an uncle Kenneth Coburn Kampe Sr.age 54 years old & his wife Misty Nichole Kampe age 27 years old & they have three children together Amanda Pauline Kampe, age 7 years old, Nichole Denise Kampe, age 6 years old & Kenneth Coburn Kampe Jr. age 4 years old. He has an older daughter from his first marriage, her name is Betty Ann McNeal. Age is just a number. Children are a gift from God.


no word on a girlfriend-relation? just having a baby with his platoon housemate. yeaachh....who cares about relationships or getting married these days.