Britney Spears for Good Morning America: Concert Pics, Video

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Britney Spears is taking the West Coast by sexy storm.

In preparation for the release of her new album, the pop singer surprised fans in Las Vegas with a concert on Friday night. She then took the show to California and performed a three-song set in San Francisco.

It will air tomorrow on Good Morning America, the same day "Femme Fatale" drops.

After singing "Hold it Against Me," "Big Fat Bass" and "'Til the World Ends," Britney told fans: "I love my music. It's my world. It's my everything."

And it's like she never left. Check out one of these renditions above, visit our Britney Spears photo gallery for a dozen images from this concert and check out a handful below, as the artist writhes around on stage.

X-Rated Britney
Britney Spears, Good Morning America Concert
Performing Live
Big Wave to Fans
Getting Her Sexy On
San Francisco Show

brit ur so cute and hot
i love ur song so much
and i love u to also


very nice


Does anyone. thing she looks terrible in these outfits? She looks like she also gained weight


Britney you were great ndd for all u britney hater stop fuckin hatein on britney she is doing her best god just leve her alone


pac31, im so glad for your comment. it lets me know that all teens or those under 25 are not falling for this garbage. im 35 and my kids don't listen to this garbage in my house. they may outside of home, but it gets no play on the inside! and your right, she does sound like a little girl on helium. i hate her singing voice, she can't dance, she is pure filth on stage. her whole stage performace is just "dancing" sexually. and trying to sound like a 13 yr old girl. its like a pedo show. yuckkkkk


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Please return home and stay in your closet, or stay home with your kids :)


I think this show was to early for her. She looked tired had a lack of energy. Her dance moves were not crisp. She doesn't really sing either. Did you see Pink perform at the Grammy's last year? Pink Sang every note and performed while upside down twirling. There is just no comparison.


Quit being so judgemental your just jealous!!!


Wow!! She is just nasty. I am so glad that I have the mother I do and not someone like this. Thank God for that. I really feel bad for her. She can't sing. She sounds like a little girl on helium. Plus the fact that all she ever seems to do is sexual in nature, i.e. her songs, her acts on stage. It's really really sad. Every one of us has so much to offer in life and to think that this is what she has to do in order to support herself and her kids is very sad, from a moral standpoint. I know this is Vegas so it gets risque out there but still. The things she's had to do to sell herself, I remember singers of the past who could just wear whatever, stand on stage, belt out a song live and sound awesome and look awesome. They didn't need to be half naked or do crazy things to make people love their music.

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