Brad Womack: Fooled By Emily Maynard LIES!?

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The Bachelor season finale is rapidly approaching and in light of the recent Bachelor spoilers we've relayed to you, Emily Maynard is coming increased scrutiny.

Is the gorgeous, sweet single mom from Charlotte hiding something? In Touch wants you to believe that, setting out to expose everything bad about Emily.

But is any of this true? And should it dissuade Brad if it were?

Tricked By Emily's Lies!

First, her "secret celebrity fling." True or not, it almost certainly happened before they met and Brad has his own past with Laurel Kagay. So, no big deal.

Second, she's a gold digger obsessed with fame? She sure doesn't act like it, and from all indications, her family and her late fiance's are QUITE well off.

Speaking of the late Ricky Hendrick (the father of her daughter Rickie), ITW claims his engagement to Emily Maynard is a sham. Okay, this is ridiculous.

Certain elements of her back story are going to be embellished by The Bachelor. It's a TV show. But this looks like nothing but a tabloid smear job to us.

Whether or not you want her to win, Emily's done nothing to suggest that she's the slightest bit disingenuous. In fact, she seems like an upstanding girl.

In any case, who do you want to win The Bachelor?


she is an idiot. what comes around will go around


Hey brad and Emily hope the best for you two. So what if you two don't get along at times. Welcome to r The real world. Half the time The reason the bachelor and bachelorette don't work out are because of the publicity. You know what people get a life and worry about your own life.


yeah, except her daughter looks exactly like Rick


@MarVista, you made the most sense out of everyone's comments here. Bottom line is this guy is a total douche! And watching the final rose last night, you can clearly see they're both ticking time bombs, who have to walk on egg shells around each other to avoid pissing the other one off! Furthermore, I many times did they need to say I love you to each other? It seems to me that they're both insecure about the whole situation. Did anyone else notice how uncomfortable he was when they replayed the proposal. His body language communicated "get me the hell out of here!" They both looked appeared phony, and unnatural in the way they express themselves to eachother. Emily seemed quiet & shy through the whole show! But last night you couldn't shut her ass up, and at times I wished somebody would have. To put it all in perspective these two are both train wrecks waiting to happen!!!


theres no proof around her past engagemnet to Rickey.I felt she was honest and trueth telling in right mind during the show. they nee some time away from show to settlte down and have fun. kinda start over in this frenship.I think they will make it with everthing i feel in my soul...lets sit back and believe!!!!!!!
BELIEVE IN Love and brad andemily and Ricky!!!!!!!!
god bless


It is shocking to me how people love this moron. Brad treated her like gold the entire show. He only professed his love for HER. What the hell did she expect??? they have a contract for so many episodes, of course he's going to continue to "date" till the end. She is a spoiled, self-rightous entiltled little snot that expects the world to drool at her feet. She was so rude to Brad tonight and I believe belongs to end up alone. And the bit about the racetrack crying scene, why the hell did she go there every saturday night after Ricky's death if she was so traumatized. People OPEN YOUR EYES!


WOW! I am amazed at the hate spoken on this site for a seemingly sweet, beautiful girl you don't know! If YOUR perfect, feel free to pass judgment! If your envious .... criticism, hate and putting someone else down will SURELY make you feel better about yourselves! These comment blogs were made just for you ... I am sure you will sleep better tonight ... now that you have exposed someone else for how you see yourself! Even if you think Emily's class and poise is fake .... she does it well! Maybe if you grab some books and educate yourselves, you too can become the center of everyone's attention! ;-)


I dont belive emily is as innocent as she says. i feel sorry for her sad story. I dont think she is honest..and i belive she really is a bimbo..and if she dont like what she reads about herself she should nt have gone on the show...he poured his love to her tonite..and she just acted like a phony barbie doll..


Brad and Emily, if you happen to read this, God bless you both, I believe you both are meant to be together, in the eyes of the public I know its hard, but always be true to yourselfs, and each other. Good luck to you both, best wishes!


wow, people get a life! everyone has good... and bad - everyone. let people live their life and worry about your own.

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