Brad Womack and Emily Maynard: Is It Over?

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Are The Bachelor’s Brad Womack and Emily Maynard over already?

If OK! Magazine says so, it must be true, right? Mmmyeah not so much. This fine publication has had Jen Aniston pregnant or adopting about 18 times.

You have to take with a boulder of salt their report that Emily's engagement ring, conspicuously still on last week, is now NO LONGER on. Scandal!

Brad Womack, Emily Maynard Cover

The magazine goes on to say that the "romantic version of Brad and Emily" is all for the cameras, and they're "pretending for the sake of The Bachelor brand."

What nonsense. That brand has less credibility than this magazine. Sure, it's a fun show and we love it too, but let's be real. One marriage. 15 seasons.

In real life, a staffer from the show, who may or may not actually exist, has revealed exclusively to OK! that Emily has broken up with Brad - for GOOD!

“There have been so many breakups and make ups - mostly over the phone or Skype,” a source said. “Finally, Emily told him she can’t do this anymore."

Well, consider us convinced ... or not at all. Don't get us wrong, it wouldn't shock us if they broke up, we're just not buying this account for one second.

Brad and Emily: Will it last?


Good grief......Emily thinks she is a little princess. She acts like it and she probably doesnt want a real life. Why should she when she in on such a "gravy train" and will be for the rest of her life. It's all about her and no doubt her daughter is being raised the same way, to believe she is a little princess and deserves everything to be handed to her and to get whatever she wants. I feel sorry for Brad.....and I have liked him all along.....since the first show. He really does deserve better than some spoiled blonde Southern bimbo !!!!!


EMILY is soooo FAKE and just wanted TV/MEDIA attention!!!b pooor me poor me SS


By the way, there have been 2 marriages from the show and one in the works.


I tried to twitter Brad and Emily, Then I read where they said Leave us alone. I thought about it, then decided that they choose to be on the bachelor,being a fan. I really put my heart into it,so I decided I would blog this message.I would think if u two aren't pre-tending u could make it in this Drama world.However if u are pre-tending the karma wouldn't be good. So let time tell


Um haha this story is completely untrue. Brad & Emily both just signed up for Twitter on the 23rd and having been gushing about each other and posting pictures of them together from today and yesterday. She spent last weekend in Texas with him and now Brad is in North Carolina spending time with Emily and her daughter so yeah looks like they ARE still together and happy. Magazines will publish any kind of story to make a buck and it's funny they are never able to reveal their "source or insider".


You can bet that Brad and Emily are clever business people. IF they do a People Magazine interview they get what $1 million dollars? So, where's the incentive to make this a short lived romance. They were PAID big bucks to go on the cover of People.
I wouldn't go on national tv to find a mate in the first place. BUT, if I did, I'd fake a relationship for the public to collect a couple million dollars. Heck, might as well get something for all the camera snapping paparazzi grief. The key here is that I wouldn't go on tv in the first place! So, no million for me. My point? THIS is what we are dealing with, with Brad and Emily. People who WILLINGLY go on television to allow to be exploited for money. It's just another form of prostitution, isn't it?


Very interesting. I don't watch this season ( it turn me off when I heard Brad come back)


Marriage isn't a day's job neither is it for the cameras. Its not even 4 beauty n hw strong u r or look. There's more to it than kissing n touching in front of (ekeme ndise) cams 4 all to see. If they are not ready pls stay out of it, brand or no brand. U'll only get miserable then get divorced. Why are we not learning these days?


Would it be a surprise? No.

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