Baby Laughs Hysterically at Ripping Paper

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Getting turned down from a job typically isn't a lot of fun, but the father of an eight-month-old recently found a silver lining when he tore up a rejection letter.

You never know what little kids are going to laugh at, but who would have guessed simply ripping a sheet of paper would result in a LOL-tastic experience?

We dare you not to laugh hysterically yourself at this cuteness ...

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Fuckin laaaaaame.


Im not sure what this has to do with hollywood or gossip? But its still funny =)


At least if he does get another rejection letter, he's gonna have a hell of a time ripping it up with his baby girl. :)


this is by far the greatest laugh iv heard coming from a baby,ive watched it over and over again!!!


@ Free Britney, Thank you for sharing the innocent humor of this baby who made his dad feel a whole lot better about the reality of the situation!!


So Beautiful Baby Jesus Bless Your Family.shalom


Awwww!!!!LMAO...i love the way she laughs!!!:D