Baby Laughs Hysterically at Ripping Paper

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Getting turned down from a job typically isn't a lot of fun, but the father of an eight-month-old recently found a silver lining when he tore up a rejection letter.

You never know what little kids are going to laugh at, but who would have guessed simply ripping a sheet of paper would result in a LOL-tastic experience?

We dare you not to laugh hysterically yourself at this cuteness ...

Tanika kiedis

Fuckin laaaaaame.


Im not sure what this has to do with hollywood or gossip? But its still funny =)


At least if he does get another rejection letter, he's gonna have a hell of a time ripping it up with his baby girl. :)


this is by far the greatest laugh iv heard coming from a baby,ive watched it over and over again!!!


@ Free Britney, Thank you for sharing the innocent humor of this baby who made his dad feel a whole lot better about the reality of the situation!!


So Beautiful Baby Jesus Bless Your Family.shalom


Awwww!!!!LMAO...i love the way she laughs!!!:D