Ashley Hebert: A "Different Kind" of Bachelorette

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Ashley Hebert is the fourth straight Bachelorette star (DeAnna Pappas, Jillian Harris and Ali Fedotowsky) to emerge from the previous season of The Bachelor.

But Mike Fleiss, creator of both shows, says Ash is a "different kind" of star.

He calls choosing the dental student, who failed to find love with Brad Womack this winter, and who will graduate later this year, a "good step" for the show.

Ashley Hebert in SI

"I think it's a cool lesson for young ladies out there to see an accomplished woman still struggling to put the personal side of her life together," Fleiss told EW.

"That's something a lot of women can relate to. So she will be a different kind of Bachelorette." Host-pimp Chris Harrison also says she'll "do great" in the role.

Ashley Hebert is "a spitfire," he says. "If you get to know her, which you will, she has great charisma and charm that just puts everybody at ease."

Says Chantal O'Brien, who Brad Womack rejected on Monday's finale:

"She definitely has a spunky personality and a ton of energy so, if anything, I think those guys will have to step up their game to keep up with her!"

What do you think? Will Ashley Hebert make a good Bachelorette?



I disagree with the former comments about Ashley not being accomplished. She will finish her schooling and become a Dentist and she is a talented dancer/instructor. She has poise and charm, and yes she is looking for a life partner on a television show. I give her credit for being able to balance it all. I would rather say a prayer for her that she can manage the roller coaster of emotional turmoil that this show creates for it's "star", and handle the decisions as necessary. Good luck Ashley!! Haters are idiots...


Agreed @freespirit114. What makes her so accomplished? She looks like everyone else vieing for their 15 minutes of fame.


hey you guys forgot about trysta!!!


Not sure why they are hyping her as an accomplished woman. She put her education on hold to go on TV and as of yet has no career. She is about to once again put her education and career asperations on hold to go on TV in a fake quest for love. So what has she accomplished that those young ladies they talk about should take a "cool lesson" from? Put your life on hold in your search for love? Really not a cool lesson at all.

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