Angelina Pivarnick to Snooki: You Fat Troll!

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Ex-Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick, who tried to eke out another few seconds of fame in the TNA wrestling circuit herself, is totes jealous of Snooki.

After watching Snooki's debut on WWE Monday - during which Snook actually wrecked shop and set up a showdown at Wrestlemania - Ange is livid.

Pivarnick calls her a “fat troll” who's ripping her off by jumping in the ring, and says it's obvious that Snook has been jealous of her since day one.

Angelina also says that her enemy should "never wear those shorts."

Ooh. Fightin' words. These two need to throw down circa Season 2 ...

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Angelina your a fuckin bitch and a little slut I hope u die a painful death I hope your proud of your self u are related to the Devil everybody hates u and mike is not a douche bag u hoar take this BITCH GOTO HELL !!!!!


Angelina SHUTDAF**k UP!!! U R A reality show hasbeen!!!!! U R Old news never been NEWS NOBODY wud be jeolous of your DIRTYNASTY ASS!!!!!! AND U KNO U WANNA BE Snooki SO BAD So STFU AND FYB!!!!!!!




angelina needs to get over her self and grow up jeloiously gets u no where bitchh.


WWE saw that TNA were capitalizing on "The Jersey Shore" with J-Woww & Angelina and had to swoop in to grab the spotlight. I don't blame Angelina one iota for her comments.


Who cares?! Angelina is working with the minor leagues, while Snooki is working for the big time.


People say mean things when they're jealous. I'd hang out w/ Snooki any day over Angelina. She doesn't have a single likeable quality. Ugly in & out. Something adorable about Snooki though.


Paging paging -POT calling KETTLE black. Please report to reception-your fifteen minutes are up!