American Idol Shocker: Who Got Voted Out?

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Three weeks into the American Idol finals, we were treated to our first surprise. Our first shock, really.

Following an off night on Wednesday for a couple of THG favorites - Thia Megia and Casey Abrams - they found themselves in the bottom three along with Stefano Langone. It was a scary few moments for those of us who love Thia's voice and Casey's originality.

In the end, Megia and Langone were told to join the other, safe contestants, while millions of jaws crashed to the floor when Ryan told Casey he had been voted out. He went back to "I Don't Need No Doctor" in an attempt to be saved, but was told a few lines into the performance to stop because...

Saving Casey

Did the judges make the right choice this week?

... the panel voted unanimously to save him!

"We just want you to get back to being the musician that you are," Jennifer said. "No more antics... You deserve to be here."

Two finalists will be voted out next Thursday, as Abrams stood on stage, truly taken aback and responding: "I thought that they wouldn't use the save, because there's 11 people. It's unreal. I started singing, and the fact that you cut it scared the stuff out of me."


I agree, Casey def has TALENT and needs to stay! If we all feel this way, make sure we ALL vote next week.....and vote multiple times! WE LOVE CASEY!!!!!!! Screw all u haters, u wouldnt know talent if it kicked u n the butt!!!!!!!!!


casey should of went home. he sucks!!! they used it to early. it will bite them in the end later!


Naima should have gone home, she may be able to dance but she sure can't sing, this is not a dancing contest...No way Casey should have been voted out that's why they used their only save ticket.


I totally agree with Kelly Wiggins. Naima should have gone home. But America votes.. If they like everyone, then that's just how it is. I'm glad Casey was saved :)


It should have been Naima or Stefano I think personally.


What an incredible screw up this was!!! NO way should he have been left out. One of the girls should have gone!!


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