Amanda Bynes Twitter Pics: Look at Me!

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Pity Amanda Bynes.

The actress retired from acting last June... then Tweeted that she was back... then released photos of a rhinestone-encrusted starfish... and has now realized the true meaning of Twitter for someone in desperate need of attention:

Sexy self-portraits!

Bynes has snapped a couple close-ups of herself, first in a bikini top and then rocking a set of pouty lips and dark sunglasses. We'll post them now as we prepare for the inevitable Amanda Bynes sex tape in a few weeks.

Amanda Bynes Twit Pic
Amanda Bynes Twitter Pic
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I think Amanda is absolutely beautiful and people need to stop picking on every little thing that happens with celebrities. So she posted two pictures of herself that every single other girl her age posts.. so what? I think she is so pretty and funny, and is an amazing actress and role model to younger girls and actresses.


amanda is awesome, she a women but come on she's only 25 let her have fun. i hope she finds her way back to working in so type of film. yv show movie. she is very talented and sexy and pretty. she has it all. i hope hollywood doesnt give up on such a talented actress


Bob, hahahahaha, Me tooooo,


How can you say you love here. she looks good.but you dont know here in person


What is your problem with amanda!seriously!this chick is awesome!


I like Amanda :) she is funny and pretty :) she's the man was an awesome movie!


Yea why not it works for Kim K.


Quite honestly, I liked her movies and think she's very pretty. If she wants to Tweet sexy photos of yourself, that's great.


She's quality!!! If I had a body like hers I'd have to Show it at least once!! Come on, its a women's natural Nature!!! I'll always be a fan!! :o)


We still love ya!

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A Bynes Pic Amanda Bynes is a young, innocent actress who is a former show host on Nickelodeon and a singer in addition to an acting star . After... More »
Thousand Oaks, California
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Amanda Laura Bynes

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My favorite part of my body is my smile.

Amanda Bynes

I say I never want to get married. I feel trapped with the idea of marriage. How can you really be with somebody forever? I'd get bored!

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