Alec Baldwin Offers Advice to Charlie Sheen: Beg!

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The same man who cracks us up each week with dry-witted 30 Rock quotes has grown (somewhat) serious when it comes to Charlie Sheen's career.

In an editorial for The Huffington Post, based on his own experiences with executives in the movie and TV business, Baldwin addresses the troubled actor and says: "You can't win. Really. You can't."

Meaning what, exactly? Baldwin gives us a look inside the industry and continues:

Baldwin, Alec
Such a Winner

"No actor is greater than the show itself when the show is a hit. And, in that regard, [executives] are often right. Add to that the fact that the actor who is torturing their diseased egos is a drug-addled, porn star-squiring, near-Joycean Internet ranter, and they really want you to go."

Baldwin is correct that almost all hit shows remain popular and profitable after stars leave. Look at NYPD Blue, ER, CSI.

In the end, here's what Sheen should do, according to Baldwin:

"Sober up, Charlie. And get back on TV, if it's not too late. This is America. You want to really piss off Chuck and Warner Brothers and CBS? Beg for America's forgiveness. They will give it to you. And then go back. You are a great television star... As I learned from closely observing Tony Bennett so I could impersonate him on SNL, this is supposed to be fun.

P.S... buy Cryer a really nice car."

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DUH WINNING He's Homer without a show"


Thanyou Savannah, Really just like Barbara Streisand, And They are still here.


Have you forgot that both of you sit on the damn crapper just like everyone else and oh yes hopefully you wipe your ass just like everyone else. Wow that means you have to buy asswipe, OMG you really are just like everybody else!!


Baldwin of all people knows what bad publicity can do to your career, he's speakin from personal experience and looks like thing have picked up for him. As for Sheen, not sure if he can ever recover from this fiasco but he can try. I wanna see him beg that would be a riot!


Freespirit114 - i totally agree!


Yeah. Charlie beg. For ur fans' sake.we luv u & want u back on the show.


Really ??? A Baldwin giving advice ? LMAO PLEASE
Alec cant even control calling his own children PIGS .. and hes going to give Charlie advice.. Crawl back under your Rock Alec and try taking care of your own family before you stick your Sad parenting nose into someone elses ...Rock on Charlie


Baldwin was in quite a similar spot. Most thought he'd never work again. But he got back on track partly because he manned up and admitted his failings and wrongs. Sheen can't do that because he thinks he is right and has no faiings.


It is great advice the dumb ass that made the bush comment shut the hell up loser.


Alec Baldwin has been there and done that so his advice is worthy of being heard. Look where his life turned and he's back on top, him and his "schweaty balls"

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