Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

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The first photo of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman has been released.

The Friday Night Lights hottie will play the iconic comic book character in the reboot coming to NBC, which has already ordered the much-hyped pilot.

Adrianne Palicki Topless

2011's Wonder Woman is being remade by David E. Kelley, who promises a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics great. Can he pull it off. Can she?

Take a look at Adrianne as Wonder Woman below and you tell us ...

She's a knockout, but is Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman material?


The woman playing wonder woman is more than beautiful enough. I think people should take her at face value and let her show what she can do for the character and quit trying to be purists and let the character and the Wonder Woman franchise grow, mature and develop not stagnate and remain as was, that would just be absurd.


No way. She doesn't fit the body type. Linda Carter had a strong beauty about her. Since then, Wonder Woman has been heavily portrayed in comics and video games as being a super sexy strong amazon woman. Lucy Lawless in her younger day would have made a perfect Wonder Woman. Why don't they go with the actress who does the voice for Wonder Woman in Mortal VS. DC Comic game. She is the actress from Sons of Anarchy, Maggie Siff. Someone recommended Megan Gale. She has the look, but can she act?


This is a HUGE disappointment!!! That costume is so cheap-looking and the actress does not look at all like the amazon she is supposed to be playing. The decision-makers need to start over, make less changes to an already amazing costume and find an amazon worthy actress to fill Lynda Carter's big shoes!!!!!!!


The outfit is horrrribbbleeee too much blue and it looks cheap


I hope Justice League comes out so that we can see Megan Gale as Wonder Woman. She is perfect for that role...not this girl.


as for the costume i wouldve kept the boots red & put some faint stars on the pants


idk what everyone is complaining about- id prefer my kids watching her skin tight leathery pants then that weird hiked all the way up(on the legs i mean) swimsuit thing. her boobs look giant and fake & ya she does look like a prettier tori spelling (which isnt saying much) they probably couldve found someone better but idk i havent even seen an ad yet- i should go look it up.


No, Lynda Carter's body was FIERCE, hers not so much...they should have gotten someone with a Halle Berry body to fill that suit out a bit.


It's not going to be campy???? Well, I can tell already that it is just by the outfit that she is wearing. Did she get that at a Halloween Outlet store????


Why is the crotch 1ft long on the pants? looks terrible!

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