Adam Lambert Goes Acoustic, Inspiring on American Idol

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He was introduced by Ryan Seacrest as the person who "truly set the bar for style and spectacle on this stage."

From there, one of the show's all-time favorites toned down his usual performance style, sat on a stool and gave viewers a stripped-down version of "Aftermath," a song with a vital message: You are not alone.

Starting now, fans can actually visit Lambert's official site and purchase the remixed version of this same single, with proceeds benefiting The Trevor Project. It's a worthwhile cause, sponsored by a talented artist.

What did you think of Adam's acoustic return to Idol?


Adam's performance on AI Thurs. nite was outstanding. He showed everyone watching and listening what a talented voice really sounds like live. I don't think there are but a few singers today that can sound as good live as Adam. No autotune for him folks just amazing vocals and that is sitting down. So much harder to do than standing up. I have purchased the remix of Aftermath and love it. Billboardmatt is a genius.


Rank...what the frig are you talking about...I saw him twice in concert...both times he was unbelievable....his voice was amazing and his performance was amazing...musicians did not overwhelm him...Was a great concert.


hai ADAM LAMBERT how are you to day?can you come here and way you not answer my facebook?and what do you taklking abaut hu...?ohh my baby i m sorry oarytssea nex time


Adam was great. I saw him in concert this summer and was very disappointed. The music and arrangements overwhelmed his wonderful voice. It seemed as if the musicians were more interested in highlighting themselves than Adam. And the gay glitz was overdone - not necessary. Who cares what his private sexual orientation is. Frank Sinatra was a grat ladies man - but he didn't kiss women during his performances. He also had great talent, and great musicians behind him - and there is the operative word 'behind' I thin kit's time for Adam to get new management who will make this young man ionto the real star he was born to be.


JUst the look we have been waiting for, he doesnt need the glitter, it is all in his voice and presence!


omg that was just AMAZING!!! it was better than the original version in my opinion. and when i started the vid i realise something was different...after a while i realize he wasnt wearing as much eyeliner this time,it was just pure clean and beautiful...luv adam!!!


I hope he always perform everyweek in american idol 2011 result...pls...pls...pls


LOVE LOVE LOVE that guy. You go, Adam.


Adam sang flawlessly last night and his look was very sexy and charismatic and vulunerable! I loved it! This guy is a legend in the making!!


Adam sounded and looked amazing!! He seems so genuine and humble during and after his performances; how anyone can NOT like him is beyond me!!

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