A-Listers Push Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

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Among other entertainment industry heavyweights, Anne Hathaway, Martin Sheen, Jane Lynch and Ellen DeGeneres signed an open letter sponsored by Freedom to Marry, a New York-based group promoting same-sex marriage rights.

Just weeks after President Obama's administration announced it would no longer legally defend the Defense of Marriage act, his supporters want him to go further.

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"Whether to end discrimination in marriage is a question America has faced before. It is a question that calls for clarity from the president," the letter reads. "We ask you to join us, and the majority of Americans, who support the freedom to marry."

The letter was also signed by moguls David Geffen and Bob Wright; former NAACP chairman Julian Bond; and Facebook co-founders Chris Hughes and Sean Parker.

Hughes, who is gay, worked for Obama's campaign in 2008, heading its enormously successful social media efforts. But in 2011, the climate is a bit different.

The president's relationship with Hollywood has noticeably cooled since 2008, as celebrities have openly expressed their discontent with Barack Obama.

Just last month, Matt Damon railed on Obama in an interview with CNN, bluntly saying he has not met expectations or done a good job as president.

Meanwhile, Lynch, the Emmy-winning, openly gay star of Glee, called him a "huge disappointment" for his handling of the gay rights issue specifically.

While generally regarded as well left of center, Obama has long said that he supports civil unions as an alternative to marriage for gays and lesbians.

That puts him to the right of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who has endorsed same-sex marriage. But in December, Obama admits his views on gay marriage are "evolving" and said he would continue "to wrestle" with the issue.


Im sick of pple walkin around actin like its ok to be gay. ITS NASTY AND WRONG! Stop tryin to make the normal part of america seem unfair and mean we recongize its not natrual to be gay Thats y theres so many protest and about it. Gays cannot force us to accept there dirty actions. (Call me what u want to make urself feel better!) Gay is wrong and i hope they outlaw gay marriage everywhere.


I disagree with whatev. Same sex marriage is an important issue. My girlfriend and I are unfortunate enough to live in a state with a constitutional law prohibiting us from getting married. Personally I don't think it's fair that anyone can tell us we don't love each other or can't marry cause we are both women. But the world is evolving, and people are learning. We need to step up for equal rights for ALL. Human rights are human rights. Every person in this world deserves the right to marry who they love.


@whatev: Yup, there are much larger issues in the world right now. So it would seem to me that the government could stop using any of it's time or resources telling adults who they can or cannot marry. It's not their business who any adult marries. It's no one elses except the two people commiting to each other. I married the love of my life. Because we are straight it was easy and no one disapproved. It's simply wrong that a whole class of people can't do the same. I live in a state that allows gay marriage and despite all the freaking out people did and all the ones who basically said the world would end over it not one bad thing has happened as a result. Only good can come from equal rights.


i'm sorry but these celebrities need to shut up. there are so many worse issues going on in the world right now, i think obama has enough to worry about. i am not against gay marriage at all but i do think that it really is not a priority right now.


It's time America, for marriage equality, and for Obama to end the costly and non-sensical Bush-Obama "wars." And marriage cops go play so bingo.....


If all these liberal sweetheart celebritys feel that obama is such a dissapointment to them for not doing enough-they should think about the republicans who wouldnt do anything for their cause. They should be grateful obama is trying at all.

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