Will Lindsay Lohan Avoid Jail in Theft Case?

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Lindsay Lohan is said to be scared of jail and desperate to reach a deal in her grand theft case that will allow her to steer clear of an orange jumpsuit.

While she may not have a choice, given the evidence and the fact that she's on probation, and has been accused of stealing before, there is still hope.

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For one, all her lawyer has to do is convince a single juror that this was all a big misunderstanding, or convince a prosecutor, who could reduce the charge.

A judge could also spare her even upon conviction. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Prisons are crowded as is, and are generally regarded as a destination for hardened criminals, not chicks with mental issues who aren't public menaces.

While it's possible, given the severity of the charge, that she will lose and the judge will throw the book at her, here's how she could beat the rap:

  • She could strike a plea deal in which she only gets felony probation with no jail time as long as she stays out of trouble for three years.
  • Her lawyer convinces prosecutors that what Lohan ganked is worth under $1,000, making this a misdemeanor with lighter punishment.
  • The actress wins at trial by convincing jurors to buy her BS excuses, that she didn't intend to steal, the D.A. was out to get her, etc.

What's your assessment of the Lohan case?


All her excuses sound to me a whole lot like a kid trying to explain to their parents why they missed curfew. "Yeah mom, we got a flat tire,uh, no wait,we ran out of gas and then we had to walk all the way home,and I got lost and then...." LOL


Yep she deserve to go in jail!!


Oopps...i meant WHOLE.


Yea she better go with the jail time bcz if she gets the Felony probation and stays out of trouble for 3 wole years......well we all kno thats not gonna happen so might as well just go to jail....

Wv peach

She will get preferential treatment; look at how much she's gotten away with so far. Anyone else would be making license plates by now.....throw the book at her!!


I think she'll do jail time for her probation violation, especially if she manages to escape jail time for being a thief.


If she somehow strikes a deal that avoids jail time for this won't she still likely have to deal with the likelihood of going to jail for probation violation? A plea bargin means she pleads guilty to some crime, and is a big condition of probation that one does not break the law? If she skates off with no jail time for either thing I totally lose faith in our justice system. It's a wonder her lawyer still tries to defend her after all this.


If this moron doesn't get any jail time...then we can all use the Lindsay Lohan defense.


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