What a Sweetheart: Sammi Giancola Apologizes For Punching Ronnie on Jersey Shore

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Sammi Giancola is DONE. She is also "appalled and disgusted" at herself for punching Ronnie in the face on last week's episode, the reality star says.

Adding that punching Ronnie on TV was "low point" in her life, Giancola issued the mea culpa last night in NYC, saying "Violence is not the answer."

Police in Seaside Heights, N.J., don't plan to investigate Sam until Ronnie Magro presses charges, which is unlikely. Dude's a glutton for punishment.

If you're curious why this differs from the blowups between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley on Teen Mom (also on MTV), there are several reasons.

One, the Anderson, Ind., police were called on multiple occasions when Hurricane Amber went haywire. Second, their minor daughter witnessed it.

As far as Sammi and Ronnie's relationship goes, it is OVER. At least at the moment this sentence was being typed. Give the whack jobs time.


Sammi & Ron may not have a healthy relationship, but its what everyone goes thru. So, for those who hate them~Just lay off! Get real! I love the Jersey Shore! Team Jersey Shore ;)


Shes so needy and gross.


I agree, LoLo. If that's a "sweetheart," I'd hate to see the personification of a totally mental, psychologically deformed, needy, manipulative bitch.


Sammi is so pathetic. She asked Ron over and over last night did he wanna break up he finally said yeah then she said look me in my eyes he did with one of the meanest looks ever then she said well lets talk bout it do u need a man that bad where u make a complete fool of yourself on tv. They'll probaly be an ok couple if she will give him some space sometime and let him breathe.


I don't get how her name is Sammi "Sweetheart" she is a total mental wreck. I have never seen a person so self loathing & needing to be told constantly that she is loved & not fake etc. So over her whining. I would hang with Snooki & JWow any day over Sammi.

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