W Magazine Responds to Kontrived Krying of Kim Kardashian

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On this week's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Kim Kardashian pretended to be upset by last year's naked pictorial in W Magazine.


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    I wish Karen, I wish!

    And to HEY: If you like Kim so much, get her blow up doll and it is basically the same thing, you're just not wasting time and money.


    Well at least Hollywood Gossip calls it like it is -- a blatant lie and bad performance by this aging divorcee. Most of the other sites are giving this lying trash bag the benefit of the doubt, indicating that W broke promises to KK. Puuuhleease, get this whore off the pages and off the TV!!


    Sure, I'll tell you who she is. She's Kim Kardashian, famous for uhhh......being famous and dumb, a legand in her own mind I suppose. The family contributes nothing at all to the world unless you count dropping the I.Q of any room they enter by 30 points or so. For some reason they all seem to think they are important somehow. Have no idea why. And they seem to only be able to function as a unit, I'm pretty sure it's because they share the one working brain cell.


    Would someone please tell me who this dumb bimbo is and exactly what she and her family actually contribute to society.


    lick u ur hott


    Note to Kim K- if you would like to avoid having naked pictures of yourself everywhere or sex tapes floating aroud (though we all know you love it) I have one simple rule for you, do not take your clothes off or bang a guy when there is a camera present. If you choose to ignore that rule than shut the hell up. No one is buying the upset routine so quit it. You did it,you got paid for it now just deal with it.


    @Hilton Hater
    you got that right.....i bet she has to work a long time trying to get the tears....although she kinda is used to it so yea....seriously NOBODY believes she was "upset" and "embarrassed".....


    In Texas, some folks collect dried cow shit, varnish it and sell it as 'art' too. Don't know what made me think of that.... oh wait, now I remember.


    LOL nice Hilton Hater, couldn't have said it better myself!
    "KK as a work of art"~that statement makes me want to vomit with rage!

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