Vanessa Hudgens Gets Inked

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Vanessa Hudgens has gotten inked.

The Beastly star stopped by East Side Ink in New York City this week and let famed tattoo artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy go to work on her neck. The result?

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This leads us to a very simple question: What do you think?


I have a tattoo and it reminds me of my husband I think her tattoo looks cute I love butterflys


she Do not know something about fashion it's only Imitation ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


yeah,its cute!


Boring. And no one's skin looks good when you're 70 and wrinkley, so what difference is some ink gonna make on it? Is it really gonna make it that much worse? I doubt it. A lot of tattoos that don't "have meaning" are a million times more impressive than ones "with meaning." As long as the tattoo is high quality art, I don't see why it matters whether or not it "has meaning."


Getting your own name ( Vanessa's name means butterfly) tattooed on you isn't trashy. It's poking fun at couples getting each other's names tattooed on them then breaking up. Vanessa isn't exactly going to break up with herself. Her name is forever. The difference of some relationships.


My one and only tattoo is for my late husband and means the world to me. I know many people including my parents who do not like tattoos on a man or woman but they have learned to accept mine. I think it's o.k. as long as the person realizes that it is forever and it should have some meaning. I think it is dumb to have a tattoo for the fuck of it and all over the body like that whore Michelle "not a bomshell" Mcgee and Kat von D.


I'll never understand why anyone would want to deface their body with a tattoo. It isn't harming anyone I guess but it's not very attractive on a girl and it's not natural. I can't wait to see all these people in 50 years, grandma's with big tattoos on themselves. Real cute.


I have 8 tattoos, and they ALL mean something. I am still a believer that tattoos are supposed to be about self expression and not status. Its cute, and I like the placement


theres nothing wrong with getting inked, just as long as it isnt some big ugly tattoo that u had put on u for the fun of it, than im fine with it


I meant GIRL Not GRIL!

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