Uncensored Rihanna Photo Taken After Chris Brown Beating: Revealed, Disturbing

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Earlier this week, a judge allowed Chris Brown to once again have contact with former girlfriend Rihanna, tossing the restraining order against him.

With the passage of time, and Brown doing an exemplary job with his probation, one practically forgets that he beat his one-time lady love senseless.

Until today, when MediaTakeOut posted uncensored photos of Rihanna's battered face after the attack - pictures even more graphic than you think.

Follow the jump to see one of the images. Warning: It's upsetting ...

Battered Rihanna Picture

This was apparently taken at a hospital back in 2009, following the brutal attack on Rihanna by Brown on the eve of that year's Grammy Awards ceremony.

Contrast it with a TMZ's original photo (below), and the new image, due to its clarity and likely its timeliness, makes the attack appear even more savage:

Brown eventually pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna but was not sentenced to jail. He was given five years' probation and ordered to stay away from the singer.

While he has complied with the probation and all its requirements - counseling, extensive community labor - these images will hurt Brown's image forever.

After what he did, as illustrated by these photos - not that it would have made it okay, but this was more than a one-punch flare-up, clearly - it probably should.

Lifting the restraining order is one thing, but if we were Rihanna, we'd think long and hard before moving forward with any sort of reconciliation.


Chris why in the hell would u do tht if my man jj ever did tht I would be in jail for murder


Riri shdn't av med up wt chris bt yu neva no,mayb they wa destined 2 b 2getha 4eva.chris is alxo human n dservd e 2nd chance.


hell no rihhana why dont you just hurt him arready hes to worthless i guess


he beat da hell outta ha bt nw dey mkn songs 2getha dats ooooooooooo soo silly


Dude, Rihanna, didn't deserve it. She was honestly just checking to see what Chris was doing, He had(s) NO right to even touch her in a negatively manner. If I checked my fiancées cell phone and saw he had been talking to another girl, I wouldn't care. I know I will never be hit. And nor should any other woman. It's women abuse. He should of been charged for physical abuse, verbal abuse, and mental abuse. Thank you and good-bye.


You are an idiot to have fallen inlove with her chris but it serves her right not your fault if she is a bitch


She deserved it i love you chris brown you are the best ever as for rihanna she is just another one of those big bitches


I love rihanna you are best i love you


I LOVE Rihanna


Chris I hate u so much I can not belive u did that I used to be one of ur fans but now that ended

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