TomKat: Torn Apart By the FBI!

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are being torn apart, according to a new tabloid report. But it's not a third party or an emotional rift wreaking havoc ... it's the FBI!

Presumably, Star magazine is referring to Tom's slave labor Scientology bus or what have you. It's impossible to guess how the feds would actually be involved.

Katie Holmes Looking Good?

All we can tell you is that it must be a slow week in celebrity gossip, because even if nonsense like this were true, is TomKat even on people's radar at this point?

SHOCKING! Look at that photo of federal agents compiling evidence. Eerie! Likely from an unrelated crime scene 700 miles away, but still ... such powerful imagery.


What gets lost in the gossip is that the term "slave labor" is not just a metaphor, but it is actually what's happening. Scientology confines its members of the Sea Org through a combination of intimidation, barbed wire fences, security guards and brainwashing. Those that do escape are subjected to smear campaigns and law suits designed to keep them silent about their captivity and abuse. That's why the FBI is investigating more than tax fraud associated with Scientology "slave labor", it is investigating human trafficking. So where is the IRS? At a minimum Scientology should lose it's tax exempt status.

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