THG Caption Contest: When Willow Met Gaga ...

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Welcome to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

After rocking the house at the Grammys with her performance of "Born This Way", Lady Gaga snuggled up to one of her young admirers, Willow Smith.

What could they be saying or thinking? You tell us!

Just think a caption for this photo, fire off a comment below and win! Leave one. Leave 10. Up to you. We'll announce a winner tomorrow. Good luck!

Lady Gaga and Willow Smith
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willow: damn! maybe if i close my eyes she will go away!


GaGa: just wait till she opens her eyes..."BOO"


willow to gagga you are an amazing woman love your music love your hair love your style i want to be bold and make a statement.
gagga to willow you are a beautiful little girl with an amazing voice and funkylichious hair you truely have the mini gagga in you. willow to gagga thanks kisses


aw grasshopper, good hair whip, you learn well! Muah!


Omg that is so freakin cute I'm only 11 and a huge lil monser and I think. that is so cute
Gaga: so wat have I done by callin my fans lil monsters that explains why whip my hair wuz so weird


Willow: Haha! My hair is crazier than yours!


Gaga: Now that her eyes are closed, I can go for the kill...


gaga: u must had some broccli for lunch today.


Aww that is so freakin cute I'm only 11 and the biggest


If I kiss her, maybe she'll turn into a handsome prince. At least an average looking human being would be an improvement.