The Rock Return to the WWE, Will Host WrestleMania XXVII

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It's been years, but WWE viewers got a chance to smell what The Rock was cooking on last night's edition of Monday Night Raw, as Dwayne Johnson reprised the persona that made him a movie star and made a major announcement:

He'll be hosting WrestleMania XXVII in Miami.

The event takes place on April 3, which coincides with Johnson's next film: Fast Five comes out a few weeks later. Watch the former superstar and current big screen draw make his return to the world of professional wrestling now:


Finaly the rock has come back to wm27.rock is powerful man but john is toy man.rock bottom to cena,cena is died.the people champion rock is never ever.


I am happy that my best player The Rock will back in Wrestlemania XXVII and going to cooking john cena.


I don't think he's ever coming back. The only appearances we're ever going to see from him, is this one on Raw and the one at Wrestlemania.
And his appearance on Raw was just to burst the ratings and make people tune in every Monday in hope that The Rock shows up again.
So yeah, he's still not part of Raw


I will nt miss the chance 2 see rock so lng tmmy bck


it will be very nice... he is legend in WWE!!... It will be very interesting.. I wanna see how he smack Batista or Undertaker'� ASS! :D


Sorry to burst your bubble...Check your info before writing... I live in Florida and to your dissapointment... Wrestlemania this year will be held in Atlanta... wish it was in Miami though so I could avoid the roadtrip ahead of us... but one more time check the facts...


Hes so fuckin hot

Wv peach

Ooooh he is hella sexy; I believe he's juicing again too, but wonder if he's had bicep implants. Hmmmm...I won't lie, he could get it all day everyday day. :-0


Looks like he's back on STEROIDS. Lolz. He was so skinny last year.


I've alwayz wish 4 the rock 2 return 2 wrestle mania