The Real Housewives of Miami Cast: Revealed!

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After an epic season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo has revealed the latest iteration of its flagship franchise: The Real Housewives of Miami!

Promising a "unique flavor," the series goes inside this cultural hot spot to follow six of the most connected and influential women living life to the fullest.

The party and the drama never stop for its six stars:

Miami Housewives

The Real Housewives of Miami (left to right) are ...

Alexia Echevarria, a.k.a. “Cuban Barbie,” has her finger on the pulse of Miami’s Latin culture. Professionally, Alexia is executive editor of Venue Magazine.

Personally, she loves nothing more than spending time at her Miami Beach home with husband Herman and her two sons from a pervious marriage.

Marysol Patton is one of Miami’s most sought-after women both socially and professionally as the head of one of the city's top PR firms, the Patton Group.

When Marysol’s not working, she finds time to hang with her mother Elsa, a character in her own right. NOTE: Elsa considers herself a “seer,” not a psychic.

Larsa Pippen is the wife of NBA Hall of Fame member Scottie Pippen. She shares the unofficial title of “Hottest NBA Wife” with friend and co-star Cristy Rice.

A snarky Lebanese beauty, Larsa boasts that she’s successful at everything she does, including playing wife and mother to the couple's four young kids.

Cristy Rice is a Miami native with a sassy Latina flair. Recently divorced from former NBA star Glen Rice, Cristy has entered a new phase of her life.

When she’s not out dancing the night away or dealing with relationship drama, her life is packed with being a single mom or running her clothing store.

Lea Black is a deeply loved, occasionally uncompromising, but universally respected Texas native leaving an indelible mark on the city of Miami.

Married to one of the top defense attorneys in the country, Roy Black, and raising their 9-year-old son, Lea has a reputation as a community leader.

Adriana DeMoura-Sidi is a Brazilian bombshell, full-time mom and highly respected Miami art curator who just came out of a traumatic divorce.

While she wasted no time meeting her new fiancée, Fredric, that relationship is often on the rocks due to her flirtatious ways and fiery personality.




Lmao for Larsa to say she is Lebanese is a joke!!! She is Assyrian and she should be proud of it. Its a shame!!


I think most of you sound as if you are haters. Express yourselves like ladies, for goodness' sake.
If I want to see REAL housewives, there is always Wife Swap. I doubt many people would really be interested in the "average Jane". In addition, I don't think anyone should take the carryings-on on these "Housewives" shows seriously. They are undoubtedly scripted, right down to the words that come out of the Wives' mouths. If they didn't argue and carry on, who would watch? Someone is writing their dialogue, so don't take it too seriously. "Real" it ain't.
And clean up your acts, folks. If you argue and fight with your husbands and other family members as you do at this forum, beause you are anonymous, it really doesn't say much for most of you.


No one would have ever watched Dynasty if Joan Collins played some broke @$$ ghetto woman in Compton. If you want to watch real women go tape yourself and watch it. If you think picking your kids up from school, balancing a budget, cleaning your floor, living in your tiny house and driving a 10 yr old car is interesting then try selling it to Bravo.


You are missing the point of the show if you think it should switch gears and go Average. The "Real" in the name is Ironic for god's sake. And contrary to what you posted, No, we don't want to watch Jane Everybody schlepp her kids around and worry about paying Time-Warner Cable. The more money, the better the show, and I'm poor as a church mouse, but it makes it better to watch. If anything, they need to dump some of those low-rent Orange County, Atltanta, and a New Yorker or Two women for not having ENOUGH money, they're getting a free ride. People with Adrienne or Lisa's money should be the norm!!! =)


I agree, tired of looking at women who represent a very small percentage of american women. Is it me that notice, most of their behavior is CADDY and EMBARRASSING. I work in a ghetto and the difference is housewives have lavished creature comforts and the ghetto women do not. At the end of the day they all ACT the same. Hmmmmmm and their children turn out the same, SAD


The Questionable Yentas of NYC need to step it up if they want another season...The Fabulous Housewives of Beverly Hills absolutely KILLED IT in the ratings department! Read more @imeanwhat




O.m.g i love all of the housewives but i love the real house wives of a.t.l . but i do think they really need 2 get down 2 the real real house wives (that would be me) a woman in the real world that has a hubbie, have kids, live like normal people who do not have much money that would be a show that everyone would want 2 see.:)


We have seen Housewives that have it all , money , fame and luxury . Why dont you do one with REAL HOUSEWIVES . They dont have luxury , money or even fame . Real housewives that do it all . Take care of their home , children , cook for themselves .
Real people , not high soceity Housewives . Women that get there hands dirty , not princess . Show how hard life can be for some that are not that lucky . That would be a great show .