The Real Housewives of Miami Cast: Revealed!

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After an epic season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Bravo has revealed the latest iteration of its flagship franchise: The Real Housewives of Miami!

Promising a "unique flavor," the series goes inside this cultural hot spot to follow six of the most connected and influential women living life to the fullest.

The party and the drama never stop for its six stars:

Miami Housewives

The Real Housewives of Miami (left to right) are ...

Alexia Echevarria, a.k.a. “Cuban Barbie,” has her finger on the pulse of Miami’s Latin culture. Professionally, Alexia is executive editor of Venue Magazine.

Personally, she loves nothing more than spending time at her Miami Beach home with husband Herman and her two sons from a pervious marriage.

Marysol Patton is one of Miami’s most sought-after women both socially and professionally as the head of one of the city's top PR firms, the Patton Group.

When Marysol’s not working, she finds time to hang with her mother Elsa, a character in her own right. NOTE: Elsa considers herself a “seer,” not a psychic.

Larsa Pippen is the wife of NBA Hall of Fame member Scottie Pippen. She shares the unofficial title of “Hottest NBA Wife” with friend and co-star Cristy Rice.

A snarky Lebanese beauty, Larsa boasts that she’s successful at everything she does, including playing wife and mother to the couple's four young kids.

Cristy Rice is a Miami native with a sassy Latina flair. Recently divorced from former NBA star Glen Rice, Cristy has entered a new phase of her life.

When she’s not out dancing the night away or dealing with relationship drama, her life is packed with being a single mom or running her clothing store.

Lea Black is a deeply loved, occasionally uncompromising, but universally respected Texas native leaving an indelible mark on the city of Miami.

Married to one of the top defense attorneys in the country, Roy Black, and raising their 9-year-old son, Lea has a reputation as a community leader.

Adriana DeMoura-Sidi is a Brazilian bombshell, full-time mom and highly respected Miami art curator who just came out of a traumatic divorce.

While she wasted no time meeting her new fiancée, Fredric, that relationship is often on the rocks due to her flirtatious ways and fiery personality.


I am amazed that RHOM is featuring some very inappropriate woman that are not really Housewives, One woman is unmarried and has no children - huh? and that alone is weird with Marisol, but Lea and Alexia are the real deal and carry the show. Adriana is getting herself together and there is a sense of a housewife there and sometimes Larsa fills the role however her values are questionable and I think the kids are not raised with normal values, but Cristi is just common and rude and should not be on the show like Ketchup & Soda Bottles should not be on the dinner table.


If these women are going to be on Tv and be taped have a little integrity and don't lie on national Tv. Christy came out blantley lied to adriana and Leah about showing up to Leah's charity with 3 people her and two other girls and she came out and bold faced lied about it. I am so glad Leah invoiced her, and then Larsa sitcks up for Christy. I am hoping the producers told her lie and christy doesen't lack that much integrity. At least Leah's doing some sort of good for the community. I don't even like this group of Miami women. IN additon I am not familiar with plastic surgery, but whats with Marysol's mothers face she looks like the beast from beauty and the beast, but maybe I am wrong and its suppose to look like that.


A bunch of self-centered, materialistic fools. The one from Brazil and the Lebanese one are the worst of the group.


I am very curious, could someone tell me if Elsa Patton has had plastic surgery and if it went wrong? She is absolutely hilarious. I like all of the Housewives except Cristy, something about her I don't like. She really acts like she's better than you are.


Give more class to your race...cuban ladies. America is watching you and will stereotype the rest of us. America doesn't want to hear how pretty you are but the content of your lives.I wonder what Andy Garcia,Gloria Esteban and Cameron Diaz are thinking about this show.


One word to describe the Housewifes of Miami, "BORING"!


I should be the real house of Miami, I'm a widow, hard working, own my own business, work from home, race three daughters, they all professional, and, i worked very hard for being a single mom, that is what you call a real housewife of Miami. thanks i will like to be in the show, I'm funny, and talented.

Wv peach

I don't want to see regular chicks either; hell I could just watch myself on video if that's the case. Admit it, we all love seeing the misfortunes that befall these women....kinda levels the playing ground in a warped demented way! Lol! I agree the ATL group needs to be scrapped....that idiot Nene has ruined it for everyone. Let's see what Miami brings.


WTF This should be interesting


Real Housewives, should be REAL HOUSEWIVES. Those women who work even 2 jobs to put food in their table, need to take care of their childrens, everything a normal person does. That's the real housewives.